Why is amino acid facial cleanser more popular? Mainly because of these 3 points, many people don’t know

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Cleansing is a relatively basic and important task of daily skin care. Whether it is a boy or a girl, the first thing in the morning and the last thing before going to bed at night is to wash the face. If you choose the right facial cleanser, your skin will not only be clean and clean, and your skin condition will become more and more stable, but if you choose a facial cleanser that is not suitable for your skin, it may cause acne or stratum corneum caused by improper cleansing. The thinner the case.


Facial cleansers can be roughly divided into three different types. The first is a mild facial cleanser with zero additives and zero pigmentation that can be used with confidence. However, this cleansing product has a weaker cleaning force and is likely to cause unclean conditions. , There is also a soap-based facial cleanser, which is characterized by strong cleansing power and can clean the facial skin very cleanly, but excessive cleaning will also cause the stratum corneum to become thinner and thinner, resulting in a series of skin problem.


There is also an amino acid facial cleanser, which is also the first choice of facial cleanser products for girls now. So why is the amino acid facial cleanser more popular? Mainly because of these 3 points, many people are not clear, let’s take a look at the main advantages of your amino acid cleansing!


1, mild ingredients


The amino acid facial cleanser is made of amino acid as the foaming agent. Its foam is moderate and the texture is relatively mild. As long as it is not overly sensitive skin, it is safer to use amino acid type facial cleansers.


In terms of PH value, amino acid facial cleansing products are acidic, and they are relatively close to the skin, which can protect the sebum membrane and cause less damage to the skin.


2, moderate cleaning power, suitable for all skin types


The ingredients of facial cleansers are not absolutely good or bad. Although the ingredients of zero-added facial cleansers are very mild, it is more suitable for sensitive skin with thin cuticles. Healthy skin using this type of facial cleanser cannot achieve cleansing effect or cleansing. The role of the skin.


Soap-based cleansing power is too strong, and long-term use of the stratum corneum will become thinner and thinner. The cleansing power of facial cleanser with relative amino acid content is between zero addition and soap-based cleansing. It has a moderate cleaning power and is suitable for dry, oily and normal skin. As long as the skin is not allergic to amino acids, it can be used.


facial cleanser


3, Use has a certain moisturizing effect


Facial cleansers with too strong cleansing force will take away the oil on our skin. Many girls have experienced the feeling of pulling dry and tightness on their faces within a minute or two after cleansing. This may be due to the cleansing strength of the facial cleanser. Caused by being too strong.


The amino acid facial cleanser is relatively mild, and it also has a certain effect of balancing oils. It will add some moisturizers in it, so it will not cause excessive loss of moisture on the skin while cleaning the skin, and it has a certain moisturizing effect.


What are the cheap and easy-to-use amino acid facial cleanser products?


Recommendation 1: Fuli Fangsi facial cleanser


Many people have used this amino acid facial cleanser of Fuli Fangsi. It is considered to be a net celebrity facial cleanser among similar amino acid facial cleansers. At the same time, its reputation is really good. Many people have used it and found it to be cost-effective. A mild cleansing product with zero soap base ingredients.


In most of the amino acid interfaces, this one is still zero-added and zero-alcoholic. Even for sensitive and acne-prone skin, you can use it with confidence. After washing your face with it, you will feel the skin on your face very comfortable and smooth to the touch. It’s fine, and its foam is moderate. It will be very clean after a few rinses with clean water.


Recommendation 2: eltamd amino acid facial cleanser


The eltamd amino acid facial cleanser with fine and dense foam has a faint taste of cucumber and smells very refreshing. At the same time, the cleansing power of this facial cleanser is really good. After washing the face, the face will feel slippery, but this is a moisturizing effect, not fake slippery.


This facial cleanser of eltamd has an automatic foaming function, and the pumping method is also very simple and convenient, and it is also very hygienic. It also has a slight makeup remover effect, so it is stronger in cleaning power than similar amino acid cleansers. , The combination of these features is really a must-have amino acid facial cleanser for lazy girls!


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