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Nowadays, in a society that looks at the level of appearance, beautiful women will more or less give themselves a light makeup, draw an eyebrow, brush an eyelash, paint a lip gloss… This is probably what many beautiful women do, and it takes some effort to make it Prefect’s light look. Here are eight steps to recommend the correct steps to make up in winter, simple to learn to make up, not to be missed, take a look!


Clean skin, skin care


This is the step that cannot be lazy, the winter must undertake thorough cleanness to the skin before making up, the lotion on the wipe after cleanness perhaps is nourishing face cream, pat next on make up water.




Rub on pink bottom next, again gently by inside to push to wipe until even so far, the pink bottom that can choose a few kinds of colors is mixed when hitting pink bottom to make a stereo effect, the makeup look that comes out so just is more perfect.


Hide blemishes with concealer


This time can be concealer correction of some flaws on the face, the use of concealer recommended to choose a color slightly lighter than the skin color of the product, can be in the dark circles and spots of the concealer, remember, the amount does not need too much oh!


 makeup steps


Draw eye makeup


When applying eye makeup, this is very important. When applying eye makeup, you can use highlights to make your face smaller. When applying eye makeup, you should first brush your eyebrows and then thrush your brows.


Clip eyelash


After brushing the eyebrows, you can curl your eyelashes. First, use the eyelash curler to curl your eyelashes. When clamping, start from the root of the eyelashes and then slowly move outwards.


Draw lip


First apply a layer of lip balm, then choose your favorite color of lip balm, then choose a lip pencil similar to the color of lip balm, draw your favorite lip shape, finally use a lip brush on the lip balm and fill the lips.


Apply blush


When applying blush, you should use a special blush brush, touch a little blush powder, smear on the cheek side position, and then brush the excess powder gently and evenly with the brush. When applying blush, you can not ignore the decorative effect of other parts of the face.


The powder


After applying blush, you can go on honey powder. After applying blush, you can also flick off the excess honey powder like blush, and then go on the honey powder in the position around the eyes, next to the nose and next to the mouth in order.

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