Winter skin care beauty tips 6

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Do you feel that winter face is particularly easy to dry also dandrish after using foundation not long after the feeling of flox powder card grain is a lot of spring and summer for skin care products cosmetics have become not so comfortable, this time not only need to replace these cosmetics, but also need to master some small skills of winter skin care beauty makeup.


Skill 1: the face is dry can overlay face cream


General winter is not only the temperature is low, the water molecules in the air will be greatly reduced and the skin cannot get moisture nourish itself from the outside world, therefore can appear face dry rough, oily skin can choose to change at this time more moisturizing emulsion, dry skin can again after the emulsion superposition use a moisturizing cream, pay attention to each item interval of time, Use up latex to wait for 30 seconds or so to use face cream to be met more also do not rub mud.


Skill 2: winter must not forget isolation bask in sheet to taste


Winter skin care


Although the winter sun is not big or even often cloudy, but the ULTRAVIOLET is everywhere, at the same time, the north is prone to haze weather in winter, these are the need to use isolation sunscreen products, and like makeup friends, isolation cream can isolate the follow-up makeup and makeup, to protect the skin. Now of course a lot of segregation bask in bask in to have lift bright and modify skin tone effect, skin base is used up good segregation bask in also can save foundation.


Skill 3: foundation is more dry can drop essence that protects skin a few drops


If you have done a good job of moisturizing the skin but the foundation is still dry, then in the case of no time to change the foundation, you can usually use a few drops of skin care essence or essence water drops in the foundation to be used, use sponge egg to dip evenly and then press evenly on the face.


Dislike the trouble can also directly replace the sense of moisture and moisture protection stronger foundation cream single product, need to use fingers or sponge egg evenly daub and press.


Skill 4: powder cake can wet use fix makeup


Everyone should know to want to makeup lasting then leave the base powder, but calm makeup powder itself is relatively dry powder, can absorb the moisture in bottom makeup, so winter although need calm makeup powder, powder can temporarily stop using, especially dry skin basic bid farewell to calm makeup powder, can consider to use dry wet amphibious powdery cake, Wet the sponge egg slightly and then dip the powder on the face and press to fix the makeup.


Skill 5: choose the eye shadow of warm color department


Winter trees wither, clothing color is mostly gray black and white, everything seems very dull, this time the need for warm color makeup to increase vitality, eye shadow is one of them, here can try warm brown, orange and other warm color of the eye shadow to modify, at the same time in order to avoid the warm color of the eye edema problem, Add a dark shadow to the end of your eye or the top of your upper eyelid.


Skill 6: Choose red or dark lipstick


The same reason winter with a point of red department or dark lipstick to embellish color, some light pink, light bean paste color and other winter can be placed slightly, because itself cold winter is easy to dark without color, with deep color lipstick can brighten color.


Winter skin care makeup and summer are completely different, the two most need to pay attention to is actually moisturizing and bright.

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