Winter skin care has 6 “essentials”, mastered completely, the effect gets twice the result with half the effort

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Winter is coming, facial skin is easy to become sensitive and delicate, at the same time by the weather is easy to dry peeling and other problems. Therefore, winter skin care is generally biased to hydrating moisture, improve the skin lost moisture, let the skin easily cope with dry and cold winter. Let’s take a look at what winter skin care should pay attention to!


What should winter skin care notice?


1, adjust the washing method


We need to clean our face by washing our face every day, but we need to improve our washing method when we wash our face in winter. Instead of directly washing our face with cold water, it is recommended to use warm water and choose a cleanser without a sense of tension. When washing face, do not vigorously rub to avoid damage to the skin.


Winter skin care


2,Choose a moisturizer suitable for your skin


Skin care products do not need to buy expensive, but to be good and suitable for their own, the winter weather is dry, the choice of moisturizing products should also be heavier than the summer use, and some thick moisturizing products are suitable for use at night, because night is a good time for the skin to rest and absorb nutrients. If your skin is too dry, it can be quickly remedied with a moisturizing mask. After applying the mask, we also need to follow up the skin care, so that the skin is more moist and elastic.


3,Avoid excessive care


Although the winter is relatively dry, the skin is prone to dry, sensitive and other problems, but also can not be excessive care, so as to avoid chemicals on the skin damage, especially scrub products, as little as possible to use.


4,To pay attention to the care of lips


It is easy to dry and dehydrate lips in the cold and windy winter. Therefore, it is recommended to use a moisturized lip balm rich in vitamin E every day. It can be thin during the day, but thick at night, so that the lips can be effectively taken care of and no longer dry and peeling.


5,Pay attention to diet


Want good skin, in addition to using good and suitable for their own skin care products, diet can also play a certain role in nursing. Is the so-called “winter eat radish summer eat ginger”, so in winter might as well eat some radish, can play a nourishing Yin qingheat, reduce dryness moisturizing effect. In the meantime, also want to eat fresh vegetable, fruit, milk product, bean product to wait a moment more, make skin has enough nutrition coruscate burnish.


6,Don’t take a long bath


Winter weather cold, bath time will be more comfortable, many people unknowingly will wash for a long time. Can take a bath for a long time easy to lead to evaporation of body water, easy to cause dry skin discomfort. Therefore, when taking a bath in winter, we should also grasp the time and remember to wipe the body lotion after taking a bath.


Warm reminder


Cold and dry winter, in addition to make the skin become dry and sensitive, you netizens in addition to do a good job in skin care, but also need to do a good job to keep warm, away from a cold!

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