Winter skin redness is a good problem to deal with

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There are many winter skin problems, besides dryness, redness is also one of the main problems. Although it is said that a fair and rosy face is a symbol of health, but if the redness is not very good, it will make you look like a village girl in a minute. What can I do to get rid of the redness in winter? Here’s what Nikisho can tell you.


The two main causes of red skin.


1, vascular abnormalities: abnormal blood circulation in facial blood vessels and vascular allergies can cause redness of the skin.


2. Increased edema and inflammation: Inflammation is “acne” and most of the skin that is prone to redness is more sensitive and prone to allergies, which are more likely to cause inflammation.


  Reddish skin 2 triggers.


1, improper choice of skin care products: the choice of unsuitable drugs and skin care products, resulting in damage to the skin barrier, stimulating the normal skin, the phenomenon of sensitive reddening.


2, sun exposure: fair skin is prone to sensitive reddening, sun exposure may be the triggering factor.


A distinctive feature of reddish skin is redness, and there are two common causes of redness formation.


1, damaged keratin, capillaries lost the natural protection of the stratum corneum, thus long-term stimulation by the external environment, resulting in vascular expansion, blockage, damage and formation.


2, facial congenital capillary position is relatively shallow and caused by a facial phenomenon, thin and sensitive skin, too cold, too hot, emotional excitement when the face more red, thus forming the phenomenon of red blood.


 Repairing and Moisturizing


Moisture is a powerful barrier for the skin to resist external aggressions. Moisturizing red skin is very important because dry skin can easily cause sensitivity, and sensitivity can also aggravate symptoms such as redness. Therefore, it is important to moisturize well and always have a bottle of spray to replenish energy and nutrients for the skin and improve the microcirculation of the skin.


skin care


Deep pampering


At night before bedtime maintenance is the best time for cell growth and repair, because the absorption of skin care products is also greatly enhanced, so it is best to develop the habit of going to bed on time before 11:00 p.m. Bedtime maintenance is also very important, choose the appropriate skin care products for deep skin care, can better protect beautiful skin.


Intensive daily care method


After carefully carrying out the basic care, and then according to the skin problem to carry out intensive care, so that the redness of the skin problems can be effectively improved, improve the skin’s ability to repair itself, and effectively resist external stimuli.


 Step 1: Careful cleansing


Use a mild cleanser to avoid irritating the skin, and apply a towel soaked in 30°C warm water to the face.


Step 2:Mist


Use a soothing, anti-irritant spray to resist external stimuli and quickly shrink blood vessels and reduce redness and burning.


 Step 3: Tone the skin


Apply a layer of redness-removing repair cream, which further strengthens the microvascular walls and repairs sensitive skin.

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