Young people are frantically flocking to plastic surgery hospitals: queues are bursting at the seams and there are too many surgeries to do

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Double eyelids, Thermage, photorejuvenation, gold micro-needles, face slimming needles …… This Spring Festival, in situ New Year’s Eve young people flocked to medical beauty institutions to arrange their holidays in a clear manner. The actual new year’s new face, beautiful a whole year” slogan, hanging “business as usual during the Spring Festival” slogan, launch Spring Festival special activities, to attract more “original year people”. “The company’s main goal is to provide a new look for its customers.


“Consultants work overtime to schedule appointments, doctors surgery more than they can do, not booked on the customer is also particularly lost”, a medical beauty industry consultant told Deep Burn, this Spring Festival before and after, the willingness of customers to plastic surgery is particularly strong. The hospital’s resident doctors have to do 4 or 5 operations every day and are busy until 10 pm.


With the rapid growth of the market, changes in the concept of consumption, medical beauty life, industry reshuffle is coming – these are the key words of the medical beauty industry summarized by Deep Burn, with the capital entry, medical beauty concept shares attracted the attention of the capital market, this 100 billion market has become a highly sought-after golden track, but it is undeniable that the black medical beauty, safety issues are still However, it is undeniable that black medical beauty and safety issues are still the stumbling blocks that hinder the development of the industry. The company’s main goal is to provide the best possible service to its customers.


Cosmetic surgery


According to the Frost & Sullivan report, China has become the second largest market for medical aesthetic services in 2018, accounting for approximately 13.5% of the global medical aesthetic services market. China’s medical aesthetic services market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 24.2% from 2018 to 2023, making it the fastest-growing market among the top 10 markets worldwide.


Behind this is the rapid development of light medical aesthetic programs. “I definitely have to go to the water light before the Spring Festival, which is called plastic surgery ah,” said Xiaofei, the head of the short video business of an Internet company naturally, in his opinion, today to the hospital to play water light, do photorejuvenation is as rare as wearing a mask, and even he does not think these belong to the medical beauty project.


According to the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, medical beauty can be divided into surgical (heavy plastic surgery) and non-surgical (light medical beauty), surgery contains eyelid surgery, rhinoplasty, oral orthodontics, hair transplants, breast augmentation, liposuction, etc., non-surgical hyaluronic acid injections, photorejuvenation, etc.


Ariadne Consulting reports that China’s light medical aesthetic market accounts for a much higher proportion of the overall medical aesthetic market size than the surgical category of cosmetic surgery market, stable at about 65%-70% in recent years. 2019, China’s light medical aesthetic market size of 119.1 billion yuan, an increase of 15.86% year-on-year.


As more and more young people accept cosmetic surgery, this market has also ushered in an explosive period.The medical beauty market in the midst of huge changes.Behind the fire, the medical beauty market is also undergoing huge changes.


The facial tightening program Thermage, which started to appear in 2020, is a representative of light medical beauty. The operation of this program is to print black squares like a chessboard on the face and heat the skin with “barbecue” electromagnetic waves, which costs tens of thousands of dollars for a single treatment and also endures an hour of pain. Even so, it didn’t stop this item from exploding. 2020 Xinxiao Medical Beauty Anti-aging Festival, Thermage orders increased by 720% year-on-year.


According to the Avery Consulting report, according to 13,000 medical beauty institutions projection, the number of regular physicians demanded in the case of non-multipoint practice is about 100,000; and in the case of multi-point practice, the actual number of medical beauty physicians practicing in China in 2019 is only 38,300, the industry has a huge shortage of regular physicians. However, it takes 5-8 years to train formal physicians, and the industry’s black market is highly profitable and tempting, leading to the frequent emergence of black physicians in the industry. According to the data of the CMA, the number of illegal practitioners of medical aesthetics exceeds 100,000, and illegal doctors account for about 72% of the total number of medical doctors. At the same time, about 14% of legitimate physicians perform non-compliant operations.


In addition, needle counterfeiting and smuggling are frequent. The 2020 China Medical Beauty Industry Insight White Paper shows that among the current distribution channels, formal injections only account for 33.3% of the entire distribution channel, and illegal injections account for roughly 2/3 of the total.


The consumer concept awakening, the market booming at the same time, chaos is the real picture of this industry. As Zhu Meiru, deputy secretary-general of the China Plastic and Cosmetic Association, said – the battle between regular medical beauty and black medical beauty has reached a critical crossroads.

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