4 brand fragrances from private collections that smell good and look good and are willing to be paid for by them

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In addition to clothes and bags, I buy the most is perfume, I am to the good smell of the fragrance has no resistance. Every delicate girl must have her own smell, because it is much more embarrassing to wear the same clothes on the street. Today I would like to recommend four brand perfumes that I just bought. Don’t miss them.


CELINE highlights


When it comes to CELINE, the first thing you think of is clothes and bags, but you can’t miss its couture perfume. Reveal! I have been bestie many times to plant grass, decisive in the official website order. On the official website, the perfume is in the men’s perfume line, so it’s in the neutral style. The opening aromas of bergamot and neroli will pull you into the bright summer and make you feel very comfortable. Flower fragrance won’t let a person feel sweet and greasy, pure and fresh instead halcyon. It is a mixture of vanilla root and musk and oak moss. The woody notes are worth the aftertaste.


The packaging of perfume is also a poke in my heart, simple and generous black and white wind, bottle design is atmosphere, feel very texture, we can feel the picture of its advanced. Perfume cover is a classic triumphal arch logo, or magnetic suction cover, full of details, for the level of appearance to buy will not lose. In addition, the fragrance of this perfume is really long, spray in the morning, there is fragrance before taking a bath in the evening, really love.


Hermes Perfume Set




Every perfume lover must have their own Hermes perfume, but I bought a four-piece set from Garden. This collection is based on fresh and elegant citrus notes. Because each box can only choose 4 fragrances, I chose lagoon Garden, roof garden, Nile Garden, And Mr. Li’s garden. I like all four fragrances very much, but if I say I like the most, I have to say roof garden, which is the most “sweet” of the four fragrances. It’s fruity and fragrant. The top note is apples, pears, grass mixed with pepper. The middle notes are simple magnolia and rose, and the back notes are oakmoss.


 Loewe rainbow perfume


I got loewe because I went shopping with my girlfriends. When I passed by the counter, I saw a row of rainbow series of perfumes. I, as a person, could not see the delicate powder, even though it was nearly 1,000 yuan in price. This is an eau de toilette, the personal feeling is very suitable for the girl who enters the workplace, the light flower fruit fragrance has a kind of small mature feeling. It has a citrus floral aquatic tone, thin and light, and everything is shallow and light. Lemon and kumquat aromas are limpid and lightly covered with rose petals. The characteristics of the water are simulated by water lilies. I really love this pink frosted bottle. The wooden lid is printed with the brand LOGO. Even without spray, it is a pleasure to look at it.


Tom Ford pink gift Box


The last fragrance is a Tom Ford pink gift box, which is one of my favorite pink packaging. It contains Rosebud Perfume 50ml+ Lipstick No. 03. Both are very popular, but I found the set available on the official website, so I bought it together. It’s a limited fragrance for the TOM FORD2020 spring/summer show; It is a fragrance of sipp flowers, giving people the feeling of tenderness and temptation. The top notes of the perfume are slightly spicy sichuan peppercorns and ginger for a sexy first impression. In the middle notes, may rose, Turkish rose and Bulgarian rose are interwoven with rich floral layers and exudes feminine softness. After the tone, you can smell the patchouli and lingling coupeas, warm and long. Sex girl can’t miss it.

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