Aromatherapy Review: What kind of aromatherapy is worth buying? How to make your own scented candles at home

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There are all kinds of fragrances on the market, and everyone likes different flavors, so how do you buy aromatherapy without stepping on mines? You know, a favorite aromatherapy, can unknowingly improve the quality of our lives, so that we reap the benefits of a pleasant mood.


Let’s take a look at a few of the aromatherapy review recommendations.


  1.ME Ft. WE paper art diffuser


Shape design is more fashionable, very artistic design sense. But as a diffuser stone, it is the diffusion of fragrance is the most important! It just so happens that this fragrance uses a combination of Dupont paper and natural mineral salt crystal rock to diffuse the fragrance, and the effect is very good. Suitable for the pursuit of fashion and art of the new trendy people, can be placed in the living room, office and other large areas of the indoor environment.


 2. Lochburn bamboo stick aromatherapy Venice fragrance


The price of this fragrance is slightly higher, but very aristocratic, and limited edition, the use of advanced fragrance materials, grass and wood fragrance fresh and rich layers. The shape is more ins style, but also very recognizable, more suitable for male use.


3. Screaming design marble aromatherapy lamp


This should be the most special one in this, buy a lamp to send candles. The use of light source heat melting wax, no need to ignite the fire, the safety factor is very high. Put in the bedside can be used as a bedside lamp, but also enjoy the fragrance brought by the fragrance, two birds with one stone.


4. Voluspa French juniper and lavender


Although the shape is simple but rich in design, the use of embossed bottles, detailed and complex, hold in the hand full of texture. The most special is the use of natural coconut wax as a base, I heard that the candle can be used directly after burning hands Oh.



The above aromatherapy reviews do not know if you have attracted it? What kind of aromatherapy is worth buying, everyone’s heart has different standards, perhaps the way to expand the fragrance, the good or bad scent, or the quality of the fragrance, the appearance of the design, but in any case, the most important thing must be to find the right one for you!


So how to make your own scented candles at home? What is the method of making scented candles is? Many fairies like outside scented candles emit aromatic scents when lit, but outside scented candles are usually very unique, and many fairies buy them back and do not want to light them. So try making your own scented candles at home!


Prepare materials: wax melting pot, soy wax (or beeswax, paraffin wax), essential oils, stirring spoon, candle wick, coloring powder or pigment, tweezers, cups (if you like other shapes, you can also directly buy unique containers), dried flowers and other decorative items. After preparing the appropriate materials, we can start to make it.


  1. Melt wax


First, we have to put the prepared soy wax (or beeswax, paraffin wax) into the wax melting pot and heat it in water (must be heated in water!)


2. Modulation


After the wax is completely melted, we can add our favorite coloring and mix the wax into the color we like. Then put your favorite essential oil drops, the proportion of control at about 5% can emit fragrance.


 3. Insert the candle wick


Insert the candle wick into the mold prepared in advance, you can use chopsticks to hold the wick and fix it on top of the mold.


4. Fill the cup


Pour the wax solution into the mold with the wick inserted. (Note: the temperature of the wax should not be too high when filling the cup, try to control it at about 30-40 degrees, otherwise the surface of the candle will be prone to cracks) decorate the wax before it solidifies or is about to solidify, and finally wait for the wax to solidify completely, ready to use.


After reading the above steps, the production method of scented candles is not very simple? There are many ways to play with homemade scented candles at home, so I look forward to the development of the fairies! (Remember: pay attention to safety after ignition!

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