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The weather gradually turns cool, this time everyone always can’t wait to get rid of the small fresh summer, looking for some fall and winter warmth. For you, what kind of autumn do you prefer? Is lazy warm sun; Ginkgo in the breeze; Or is it an autumn flavor? Today, Nikisho is immersed in the fragrance of autumn and brings you a few fragrances and perfumes suitable for the atmosphere of autumn.


Osmanthus fragrance


Every autumn, osmanthus must be the first choice of the aroma! Like a toffee hazelnut latte every Christmas, osmanthus is a taste of fall. No other season’s fragrance, can be as charming as osmanthus. Osmanthus, like a plain and clean wenwan woman, calmly through the gap of time, quietly dizzy with autumn color ~ wind to send osmanthus fragrance, autumn meaning is gradually thick, also be in this time, people are willing to go out of the house, to quietly feel the taste that belongs to autumn!


Sweet-scented osmanthus at Rudan’s on August night


French salon brand Rudan’s perfume has a distinctive feature, that is, in each perfume to add familiar floral fragrance, with a fragrance that is different from commercial fragrance, and then with a retro transparent high appearance level bottle, just one glance can let you remember. We have been talking about orphan girls and Berlin girls, but in fact, There is also a fragrance that is very suitable for autumn, just tailored for autumn!


Top note: Citrus


Middle notes: Jasmine, osmanthus, lily and carnation


After note: Musk with almond honey


This August night sweet atmosphere of osmanthus, inspiration comes from Chinese osmanthus, but add white flowers, sandalwood and musk, the taste is very transparent and light, and always sweet sweet osmanthus sweet atmosphere and always thick and thick ludan are very different, let a person cannot help but want to keep autumn!


Atelier Cologne has a moonlit night with a Cologne fragrance


The moonlight night, the fresh and warm “Italian lemon”, “Chinese osmanthus” dark surge and new life, with the “American cedar” cold long, qin sweet stretch tenderness.


Top note: Italian lemon


Middle note: Chinese osmanthus


After: American cedar


Early smell “cinnamon moonlit”, from lemon flavor of pure and fresh, pure and fresh and full of energy, slowly, warm sweet osmanthus, some light I have seemed to be in those under the moonlit osmanthus fragrance coming from China, sweet mix of apricot, peach and leather temperament, after adjustment of the cedar ~ of the cold long rhyme, send out a faint fragrance with woodiness feeling slowly let the fragrance more rich administrative levels feels. It is like the moon full of osmanthus trees under the cool, the breeze blowing the fragrance of the faint, let a person full of joy.


Brutalist osmanthus oolong


Autumn perfume


In September 2020, the 9th anniversary of Fauvist unveiled a second fragrance called OSMANTHUS OOLONG. It’s called “When the flowers fall, the night is silent, and the spring hills are empty.” It means “leisurely.” The appearance level is not too high ah ~


Top notes: citrus, oolong tea


Middle notes: Sichuan osmanthus, freesia


After notes: apricot, leather, sandalwood


It is a rare and pure osmanthus perfume, the first smell of osmanthus this laurel, sweet osmanthus crisp blow on the face, high reduction. Turn to smell, tea fragrance curl in the wind, cold and clean, tail tune falls in apricot, leather and sandalwood, implicit neuter. Like the autumn sitting under the osmanthus tree, leisurely comfortable and particularly refreshed!


Green tea aroma


Every autumn, bathed in the lazy warm sun, while enjoying a lazy afternoon, if you have a cup of faint green tea, how comfortable it is. Tea fragrance in all the fragrance, is a relatively minority of a fragrance, it is composed than fruit, elegant than flowers, light than wood, like people can not put down, don’t like people may dislike its tasteless. But because it is fresh and elegant, also more suitable for the changeable weather and restless autumn.


Bulgari Darjeeling Tea original


When it comes to tea-scented perfumes, one brand you can’t skip is Bulgari! The tea series of their home is really a very special existence in the aroma of many, the famous Darjeeling tea, cologne tea series are very suitable for entry-level partners to choose. Bvlgari Pour Homme, the original born in 1996, has a slight sweetness, a hint of tobacco, a hint of tea, and then mixed with soap, and no distance at all, making anyone who has smelled darjeeling want to approach. Light fragrance, very charming, will let a person think of wearing a white shirt he, sunshine and gentle.


Top notes: aldehyde, lavender, Orange, tea, Nutmeg, bergamot, nernerblossom


Middle notes: cyclamen, parsley turnip, Carnation, iris, pepper, Guaiac, Brazilian rosewood, Old crane grass, cardamom


After tone: Lingling coumarin, amber, musk, oak moss, vanilla root, cedar


In the original version, the most obvious smell in addition to tea is aldehyde fragrance, fresh taste, neutral fragrance, men and women can use, suitable for gentle, fresh people.


Armani jade dragon tea aroma


As a new fragrance for 2020, THE YULONG tea fragrance will take you through THE vast land of Yunnan, China, and realize THE brisk beauty of YULONG Snow Mountain. Although the material is simple, it has a rich sense of hierarchy, giving people a sense of peace of mind, warmth, calm and quiet. Yulong Snow Mountain is famous for its high-altitude tea trees and magnificent scenery, and is home to one of the finest black tea varieties. Strong black tea with smoky, woody notes, while green tea, citrus and lime notes add a touch of fresh energy. The fragrance, carefully crafted by the perfumer Julie Masse (MANE), delicately balances green tea and citrus notes with black tea and smoked wood. Hints of smoky aromas, green tea and crisp citrus finish on the nose.


Top note: Citrus lemon


Medium: black tea, green tea


Back note: Ambergris


The front note is fresh and crisp with citrus aromas, with hints of green tea, but not obvious. The medium tone is the combination of black tea and green tea. The fresh green tea and the roasted smoke of black tea are very calm. The fragrance of tea leaves after blending gives people a kind of “nature is not in a hurry, the world is in a hurry” leisurely and calm, both warm and charming.


Ou long wuji oolong


Wuji Oolong is no stranger to everyone, and the partners around and partners of the male ticket has already acquired. The hot fragrance from The Olong family was sold out when it was first launched. Although it is oolong tea, it is not that mellow and astringent in our impression, on the contrary, Wuji Oolong is very fresh.


Top notes: bergamot, neroli oil


Medium notes: tea, jasmine, leather


After tone: tobacco flower, guaiulu, vetiver grass


The top notes are green with lemon. As time goes on, the fragrance of oolong begins to emerge. There is no superfluous decoration, very pure oolong tea, gentle and quiet. Suit to fall in love with contracted, the small partner of clean wind people, still be the perfume that a boy girl likes.


Well, after reading today’s push, have you found that the recent afternoon is particularly suitable for spraying these two kinds of aroma oh ~

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