Bought hundreds of thousands of perfumes, I recommend these 4 most

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This time at home, would have liked to take advantage of the free time to buy some new products on Taobao to try. The result is that many couriers have not officially resumed work and are now stuck on the road. So I decided to start with what I had on hand to share. I’ve always loved collecting perfume, so I go around the world to travel and business trips, buy perfume is a must trip. So much so that now I have a whole wall of perfume at home!


I like the perfume is too much, so this time I picked my most most most most most most favorite models, after the second and third installment will also come out, like the perfume readers do not miss it! In advance, I personally prefer a light and natural, seemingly non-existent type. Too rich and too sweet, I did not include this time. And I think the perfume is more personal, how much homework is done across the net, but not compared to the actual smell. So I suggest you better smell before you buy, so as not to blindly into the Oh ~


The TOM FORD family is now the main push is a private blend of the series of perfume, the light of the unique fragrance and carry the high value, I can not help myself to get a lot. But their classic bottle of Signature series perfume, in fact, is also a treasure! After all, TOM FORD’s first female fragrance launched “Midnight Orchid”, belongs to this series. It is said that Mr. TOM FORD was inspired by the line of women’s shoulders and neck, so the frosted texture of the bottle in your hand, like a polished jade feel as smooth as a round touch.


The reason why I say it is a “gentleman boyfriend fragrance” is because it smells so gentle! I know there are many perfumes on the market now that say they are boyfriend fragrances. But once I smell it, I associate it with: sitting at the bar, surrounded by a bunch of girls scum (no mean to say that other perfumes are bad). This gray vetiver, on the other hand, is a particularly comfortable and warm woody perfume. The top note is a bit cold and lemon reminiscent, with a little light tobacco flavor. The second note is a sudden warmth, is irresistible to want to fall into the taste, I immediately fell in love with the first smell


This is not the kind of novel hero who is cold and clear to you at the beginning, and then more gentle than anyone else? I can brainstorm to all romance novels hegemonic president body scent. This is also said to be the same as the British actor Colin Firth’s face, I think it fits his temperament quite well! Boys sprayed with it is a very good point, after all, gentle warm man who does not love? Girls can’t help but look at it more when they smell it. For girls who like woody fragrances, it will not let you down. In short, it smells great!


When Napoleon III married Empress Eugenie in 1853, he asked the founder, Pierre-François Pascal Guerlain, to customize the “Imperial Water” as a gift, and later Mr. Guerlain himself became the royal perfumer of France. This is the reason why Guerlain has been using the bee logo, which symbolizes the French royal family.




They have produced more than 300 perfumes before and after, and the “Madame Butterfly”, which came out in 1919, can be considered the classic of classics. It has a very classic bottle, and this bottle design has carried another classic perfume, “Blues Time”, and has been used to launch the Little Black Dress perfume in the past few years. The name Madame Butterfly Mitsouko, in fact, has nothing to do with “Madame Butterfly”. It is said that the name was inspired by a book written by perfumer Aimee Guerlain (son of Mr. Guerlain), friend Claude Farrère <La Bataille (War)>, in which the heroine is named Mitsouko.


Its fragrance notes are top fruit, middle flower, end moss, a very classical Siphonic structure. However, Aimee Guerlain added “ripe peach” to the base of the Sipu fragrance. So Madame Butterfly smells a bit like dusty dried peaches, with some cinnamon and other spices mixed in. It smells very dated, like the old aristocratic body of the powder smell, the overall a little heavy, probably the smell of “once loved”. The good thing is that it is divided into Eau de Toilette and Eau de Parfum. edp’s flavor, deep and sensual, is a little difficult for the average person to “wear”, while edt’s flavor is a little lighter, it is less heavy sense. I bought the edt myself.


I also have one on hand is their 100th anniversary limited edition, limited to 3099 pieces worldwide. The bottle is a bit of an old rust spot design, just like the plum blossoms that bloomed in front of the door of the dilapidated aristocracy, full of meaning. I think Madame Butterfly is not the type of perfume that people love to see. But if you are very fond of collecting perfume, such a classic perfume, or quite worth getting.


Hermes has a lot of explosive perfumes, like their perennial hit Twilly Nile Garden Eau de Toilette, and the two years of special fire, Orange Starlight. Each fragrance has its own characteristics, but also fans of more. But my favorite this year, is this relatively niche a little scarlet fire Sen (I generally call it blood rhubarb). It belongs to the Hermes cologne line, and this series currently has 8 fragrances. The gentleman’s bowler cap and the colorful bottle are a delight to match. I also like this series of orange and green spring, if you like green and cool citrus fragrance, then you can try it.


Back to the Scarlet Rhubarb I’m going to promote this time, don’t be fooled by its name. It smells like the rhubarb of traditional Chinese medicine, not half related (friends with sensitive noses may get a little herbal smell). The fragrance is actually super clean, in fact, it is very fresh red berry flavor. I don’t know if you’ve ever eaten red bruin, the kind of sweet and sour fruit fragrance full of happiness, sweet and sour, not feel tired at all. After the sweet and sour, its musk will let out a comfortable breath after the bath, when the mood is bad smell, feel what troubles are gone. If you want to deduct it has any disadvantages, it is not very long retention time. If you are more entangled in the fragrance retention time, it is not recommended to buy it.


Gabrielle is the name of Ms. Chanel herself, and we all know that she is a very individual, very out of the box person, so this perfume is also conveyed by the passionate freedom, but without losing the taste of femininity. It’s fragrance notes inside with four white flowers: jasmine, tuberose, orange blossom, ylang ylang, but also warm white musk and sandalwood.


I used to think that the pricing of Chanel perfume was a bit expensive until I went to their Grasse flower fields in France and experienced a picking job. I realized that this is a definite value! Every single drop is the real deal! Picking flowers is really a slower job than I thought. It is said that one worker can only pick 350 grams of jasmine per hour. It’s even more troublesome to pick the tuberose, not only to pick blindly, but also to protect the plant, picking in a fixed direction, in the sun for an hour may not be able to pick a lot.


This is a 30ml bottle of perfume, we need to use a super flower, it can be said that the drop is the essence. The design of the bottle of Gabrielle perfume is very simple, but the beveled cut lines on the top will make you have a shimmering shine no matter which angle you look at, so the photo is not losing face value at all. And its fragrance retention time is simply a fighter, stained clothes the next day are still fragrant. I think it is a little more suitable for young girls than Chanel’s classic “water of the fifth”. If you want to get Chanel’s classic fragrance, then I suggest you start with Gabrielle.


Well, this issue of the love of perfume sharing, it’s almost here! But these 4 bottles are only a small part of my favorite perfumes, if you are also interested in what theme of perfume sharing, remember to tell me in the comments section. The last thing I want to say is that it’s hard to present the real situation with more descriptions and pictures of perfumes. It is advisable to look at it offline and then get it!

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