CHANEL perfume buying guide, these Chanel “out of stock king” perfume, delicate girl must!

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The Chanel perfume buying guide is here!


This issue of the content in detail to talk to you about Chanel women’s perfume in the most popular 3 series, a proper “King of the Broken Stock” series, the essential models of delicate girls, the following we look at the most worthy of Chanel perfume are what!


Chanel Gabrielle nature perfume




Top notes: citrus bitter orange leaves blackcurrant red fruit peach

Middle notes: white floral system tuberose jasmine ylang-ylang orange

Base notes: sandalwood, musk, vanilla


This Gabrielle Nature perfume by Chanel house is named after Mademoiselle Chanel and comes with a distant feminine glow. The fragrance is mainly made with the exclusive Chanel perfumer Olivier. Pogues worked hand in hand with Chanel Laboratories. From the bottle of the perfume, its overall design is a square bevel cut, glass rating ratio, atmospheric high-end appearance gives a very spiritual and pleasant feeling to look at. The warm golden bottle with a sense of glaze makes the whole packaging design look more high class. It is a fragrance that starts with the face and stays true to the taste, holding the fragrance for a long time, and can be as high as 7-8 hours can still question and answer a light fragrance, the first smell is a fresh citrus flavor, followed by the Tunisian orange blossom to the bright ylang ylang, a rich smell and a blend of jasmine fullness, as if there was a touch of Grasse tuberose delicate, gentle and elegant, pure and free.


Chanel Encounter – Pink Encounter




Top notes: grapefruit, wood pear

Middle notes: jasmine hyacinth

Base notes: musk, iris, cedar, amber


Chanel Encounter perfume is divided into 3 different fragrance series, but the hottest is its Pink Encounter, so focus on talking to you about some Pink Encounter this fragrance. Chanel’s Encounter perfume series are mainly based on fresh floral notes, fully expressing the dynamic and brave side of women of the times. This pink encounter is pink packaging look up very sweet and lovely, the bottle is exquisite without losing the senior, frosted bottle surface, looks very high. The first perfume that many women use is the Pink Encounter, which is more suitable for young girls in their early 20s. Just spray out is that light grapefruit fragrance is really nice, the middle tone is slowly converted into jasmine and rose, followed by white musk first, the hierarchy is full of sense.


Chanel No. 5 Water N5




Top notes: lemon, mandarin, sweet orange

Middle notes: rose, jasmine, ylang ylang

Base notes: vetiver, cedar, white musk


Marilyn Monroe once said that she only wore Chanel No. 5 to bed, and when it comes to perfume, Chanel No. 5 perfume can be said to be a classic masterpiece with the changing times. It uses the usual simple and atmospheric design, crystal clear glass bottle, simple but not lose the sense of sophistication. The first smell of Chanel No. 5 water, its freshness is suffused with freedom, just like a young girl, sweet to fall in love also passionate about life. The fragrance is dominated by citrus fruit notes released by the vigorous vitality, full of innocence to let you return to the 18-year-old girl, the middle note of floral delicate and soft, rose and a new ratio of ylang-ylang beautiful and warm. The favorite woody back note, accompanied by white musk, vetiver and cedar, is intoxicating and frank, persistent and firm.


Of course, in addition to the above three, Chanel perfume is very popular and Coco Mademoiselle black perfume and Azure perfume, are my daily life very favorite series, I do not know what other Chanel perfumes the fairies have used? Remember to leave a message in the comments section to share Oh ~

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