Common 6 kinds of home fragrance, which one do you prefer?

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Drab and the life that repeats always lets a person see hope, the price is not expensive however the fragrant that takes elegance slightly, it seems that can console every ordinary and tired person’s heart at this time. Or rather, one must have a hobby. In contrast, the threshold of lower aromatherapy, can always give people unexpected surprise.


My dabble to aromatherapy is not deep, stay only in “good smell” stage. For those beautifully packaged products, there has never been “reluctant to open” the idea. Tear it down, let the room incense for a few days, feel this money spent is also quite meaningful.


There are only six aromatherapies on the market, but I’ve used them all. Under use, there are some views on each aromatherapy product. List them below, the friend that hopes same be fond of sweet can extensive exchange.


Expansion of incense machine


The larger one is called the incense expanding machine, and the smaller one is called the aromatherapy machine directly. It works much like a humidifier, using ultrasonic waves to atomize liquid essential oils and then blow a spray of water into the room.


The only advantage of this thing is that the fragrance diffuses fast, open ten minutes, the whole room can become fragrant. The downside is no ritual, just to make the room smell good. Comparatively speaking, I think it is the most unsuitable aroma product for home use. It is common in hotels and even in some bathrooms.


Scented candles


home fragrance


Candles, wax oil with an essence in it. In the process of burning, the essence is volatilized by heat, making the whole room fragrant. I like to play with these candles, seems to be able to find a little childhood playing with fire joy.


But candles were also one of the worst products to use, dazzling when stared at and feeling hot when not staring. I think about it several times before I go out — did I blow out the candle?




Something more ritualistic than a candle is one of my most hated products. Incense in the process of lighting, will produce a lot of ash. These ashes can not completely fall in the incense burner, so each time after use, have to clean up bit by bit.


Besides, incense does incense in a room after it is burned. But on the one hand, the fragrance lasts for a very short time. After an hour or two, it is completely gone. On the other hand, there is always smoke in the burning process of incense, even smokeless incense, the PM2.5 and PM10 index in the room after use will be off the charts.


Aromatherapy SPAR


Also belong to expand fragrance product actually, just need not use electricity. SPAR here is a kind of natural ore. The water absorption capacity of this kind of stone is relatively strong, and can be absorbed by liquid aromatherapy essential oil. Then slowly volatilize, achieve the purpose of aromatherapy.


Look at the principle also know, aroma crystal expansion ability is relatively weak. One is slow, and the other is small range. But these translucent crystal appearance level is still very high, on the desk as decoration is also very good.


Flowers and plants


Make fragrance with flower, feel this thing very natural from the appearance. There are dried and fresh flowers:


I’ve used flowers, but they don’t work. May also be because of their hands, buy flowers at most three or four days on the wilt. As for the fragrance, you can’t really smell it unless you put your nose to the flower.


The smell of dried flowers is much greater, and a bag of dried flowers can keep a room fragrant for more than 20 days. But why do flowers think this way when they’re dry? I wouldn’t believe it if I didn’t.


Air freshener/perfume


Air fresheners can be roughly divided into two categories: one is covering products, which can cover the original smell in the room and make the room fragrant. Another kind is decomposable kind, decompose the original taste in the room, add light fragrance again.


In comparison, the latter must be better. It can not only deform the room, but also purify the air. Cover-up air fresheners, on the other hand, have been criticized for causing secondary indoor air pollution.


Essential oil


Essential oil contains the essence of the fragrance, some are concentrated, such as the aroma crystal inside the added, is concentrated essential oil. And some of them are diluted, like the ones that you put in the incense expander, which are essential oils that are watered down.


Of course, more is the manufacturer according to their own needs, the deployment of the corresponding concentration of essential oil. Like the oils in scented candles.


Essential oils are divided into natural essential oils and synthetic essential oils. Natural essential oils are very expensive. Synthetic oils are much cheaper, costing a tenth of the price of natural oils. Synthetic oils are also harmless, but they taste a lot worse. Anyone with the slightest experience will recognize the cheapness in the smell of synthetic essential oils.

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