Continuation of the FENTY brand? Rihanna is launching her first fragrance, Fenty Beauty

nikisho Date:2021-08-05 15:28:45
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Since last weekend, Fenty Beauty have issued a notice on the official sets, for the appearance of the brand’s first perfume preheating, the final perfume “Fenty Eau De Parfum” will be landing on August 10th Fenty Beauty website.


This is another new line from Rihanna’s makeup brand Fenty Beauty. Perfumes are also still produced by Fenty Beauty’s partner, LVMH’s Kendo.


Known about this scent, it’s now is that it would be a neutral perfume, it combines fruity, magnolia fragrance and spice taste, has a “very intimate, unisex fragrance”. Rihanna herself described her understanding of perfume: “It’s an experience, a memory, and I can encapsulate it in a scent that you never forget.” (This was posted on Fenty Skin’s Instagram.)




At the same time, the inner and outer packaging of the product is also basically exposed. The perfume bottle is amber color, which will have wonderful luster in different angles. There’s a logo on the cap — note that it’s not Fenty Beauty’s “FB”logo, but the logo of LVMH and Rihanna’s fashion label Fenty. Including the packaging, which is FENTY’s standard blue color.


LVMH and Rihanna jointly announced in February that they were suspending fashion label FENTY. For now, the fashion business may be on hold, but it is being reborn (or continued) through perfumes. Compared to the design, supply chain, and sales pressures that come with fashion once it reaches scale (the direct cause of the fashion pause), perfume has a lower threshold, a longer life cycle, and a wider reach — a clever move.


Fenty Beauty is already offering perfume samples (you need to spend $40 or more on Fenty Beauty’s website), and the final retail prices will be available on August 10.

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