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The flickering flame of a scented candle can not only warm your heart, but also improve your happiness in life. It doesn’t take much energy to boost your happiness in life. A small scented candle can do the job.


The sitting room


The sitting room is the most dynamic place in whole house, because this is on the choice of aromatherapy also want to stick to as far as possible position. Take the sweet tone of earth and grass taste slightly, can bring natural and fresh atmosphere, and the sandalwood of primitive simplicity slightly, can build a languid lazy carefree taste.


scented candles


Paris-based fragrance brand Diptyque is the evergreen Internet celebrity in the world of scented candles. Among them, “Palau ebony” is a very popular scent of the brand. The light wood fragrance always gives a deep feeling. But different from the wood such as cypress, juniper, sandalwood sweet, palau ebony taste more texture, used for the sitting room can make people happy.




Want to get rid of the peculiar smell of toilet through scented candle, had better choose a kind of pure and fresh and refreshing sweet tune. The aroma of fruity or citrus series is having good effect to dispel peculiar smell. When taking a bath, you can also light the scented candle, soothing the romantic taste, so that the bath can become a spiritual healing.


scented candles


The fragrance brand Aydry&Co was born in 2016. The brand is positioned as modern, minimalist and plain. “Japanese pomelo” the signboard that is this brand is fragrant, burn on, whole toilet is light citrus sweet. In addition, the candle wick is designed with a wooden core, which will not produce black smoke during the burning process. The sound of wood burning can also be heard, as if being in a fairy tale near a small stove, which is very interesting.


The bedroom


To the bedroom such private room, if want romantic atmosphere, can choose ylang-ylang, rose and other flavor of scented candles, universal lavender and citrus is also a good choice, after all, relax a little to enter the state of sleep faster.


scented candles


Carriere Freres, a French aromatherapy brand, specializes in plant-based aromatherapy candles, each of which recreates the flavor of the plant itself. “Mint Rose” bottle body is with a bit of gray pink, lit, fresh mint flavor mixed with light rose fragrance, with this candle to sleep, even the dream will be sweet.

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