How does cologne work?

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In the opinion of perfumers, “cologne” represents a fragrance type, which is made of sweet and fresh aroma of citrus with neroli, rosemary, lavender fragrance. With a distinctly fresh, oily and refreshing scent, cologne is a light perfume with ambergris and 2-3% essential oil content. This perfume was first launched in 1709 by an Italian, Giovanni Maria Farina in Cologne, Germany.


In the early days of cologne, men in Europe were particularly fond of the aroma of cologne, and they liked to spray this fresh and refreshing “perfume” on their bodies after bathing, so the early cologne was regarded as a “men’s perfume”, which was not perfumed, and therefore could not retain fragrance.




The method of spraying cologne:


From the use of habits, with a long history of fragrance, European men and women like to use cologne. The identification of a good cologne should not be limited only to the price, which is related to their own preferences, the environment in which they grew up, and their knowledge of perfume. Many people have seen the movie “Smell Like a Woman” and remember the superb acting and fabulous tango steps of veteran actor Al Pacino, and of course, probably remember him praising the Ogivile Sisters soap scent on that young lady. The classic cologne, soap fragrance, often blends with the user, bringing a sense of natural nobility, than the use of popular, everyone uses perfume, more impressed.


 Men use cologne, there is a technique will make women fall in love: early cologne is in a bottle, no nozzle, so also left an elegant perfume use habits – pour the perfume in your hands, two hands pat, and then gently patted on the neck or body. This technique is still retained in some French men (also older), they believe that men should use fragrance in a low-key manner, as opposed to women holding the nozzle on the vintage perfume bottle and spraying openly.


Cologne is an eau de toilette, there are many kinds of brands, generally eau de cologne fake less, just use the perfume of the general buy cologne, so cologne is still worth having, is a hot brand.

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