How long does non-fire aromatherapy last? How to select capacity?

nikisho Date:2021-08-04 15:37:47
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More and more people choose to use without fire incense to decorate a room, on one hand, can bring sweet fragrance, can decorate a space again on the one hand. The capacity of the aromatherapy on market reaches 300 ml from 50 ml commonly. So how much capacity to choose?


If it is their own use, it is recommended that about 100 milliliters can be, because a taste too long, also can smell paralysis. Otherwise the solvent aroma volatilifying time is different, alcohol or pure alcohol aroma volatilifying faster, if it is not alcohol, European standard solvent, volatilifying is relatively stable. Volatilization speed still and aroma is mixed with air contact area concern, of big bottle, bottom area is big, volatilization can be compared slender bottle volatilization is fast, this everybody should be able to understand.


without fire incense


Of 200 milliliter above, can serve as the place with this kind of big space in the sitting room. 50-100 ml can be put in the bedroom, toilet this kind of space small place. Air circulation also affects the rate of evaporation. Generally 50 ml can volatilize 2-3 months or so. Of course, the time is different for different solvents. Can buy commonly 100 milliliter or so go. You can buy several flavors and put them in different rooms


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