How long is the shelf life of perfume? How to use perfume correctly?

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Perfume is a kind of article that many women will use, can send out a lasting and pleasant smell, so do you know how long the shelf life of perfume? If you want to extend the life of your perfume, you have to do this!


Perfume is a mixture of essential oils, fixatives, and alcohol or ethyl acetate used to give objects (usually body parts) a long-lasting and pleasing smell. Essential oils are extracted from flowers and plants by distillation or liposuction, or by scented organic compounds. Fixatives are used to combine various spices, including balm, ambergris, and gas gland secretions of civet and musk deer. The alcohol or ethyl acetate concentration depends on whether it is perfume, eau de Toilette or cologne.


Under the condition of good preservation environment and unopened, it can be preserved for 3-5 years; But once open hind, can maintain 6-18 months only on average, pure and fresh citrus fragrance adjusts perfume time is shorter, floral fragrance adjusts perfume about a year to a year and a half. Actually, since money bought perfume not to be used sparingly, because perfume is unwrapped, can begin to volatilize slowly, rather than let it evaporate noiselessly, still be inferior to let oneself send out self-confidence and happy charm on the body. If want to prolong the life of perfume, the suggestion does not tear the plastic film of outer box, cover bottle cap as quickly as possible after every use, in the box that puts plastic film to wrap, place perfume next in the cabinet with shade. If the color that discovers perfume becomes turbid or before the taste appears sour, express perfume already metamorphic.




The preservation method of perfume


Using it as soon as possible is the most basic method, in addition, here are some things you should pay attention to when storing perfume:


1, perfume should be stored in a cool place, avoid in the hot air and light, if the perfume is placed in high temperature, will make the perfume color and fragrance change, if you want to preserve perfume for a long time, can be perfume to wrap paper, put in the refrigerator freezer.


2, try to avoid friction and shake the perfume bottle.


3, do not touch the mouth of the bottle directly with dirty fingers, which may destroy the original taste of perfume.


4,After the perfume is used, the bottle cap must be tightened to avoid the fragrance of perfume evaporating.


Among them, perfume can store a year or so normally, store at room temperature can. If the smell becomes weak or sour, it should be discarded.


How to use perfume


Only by using perfume in the right way can you make the most of it and reduce the cost, so you don’t have to feel bad about buying expensive perfume just to be safe.


1, essence is with “point”, perfume is with “line”, eau de toilette is with “face” way, the concentration is lower, the range of daub is wider.


2, seven point method: first of all, the perfume is sprayed on the right and left wrist vein, the middle finger and ring finger of both hands gently touch the corresponding wrist vein, then gently touch the back of the ears, after the neck; Gently brush the hair and leave it at the end for a little longer; Touch the wrists lightly on the inside of the corresponding elbow; Use sprayer to spray perfume at waist left and right sides, left and right finger touches waist to spray fragrant place lightly respectively, use the finger that is dipped in perfume next to touch thigh inside gently, left and right leg knee inside, ankle inside, 7 points brush fragrant method to end here. Note that all light touch in the process of rubbing incense should not be friction, otherwise the organic components in spice chemical reaction, may destroy the flavor of perfume.


3, spray method: before wearing clothes, let the sprayer about 10-20 cm away from the body, spray mist perfume, spray the wider the better, then stand in the fragrance mist for 5 minutes; Or spray perfume into the air over a wide area and walk slowly through the mist. Can let perfume fall evenly so on the body, leave faint fragrance.


4, essence with point brush type or small scope spray and pulse beating place: behind the ear, inside the wrist, after the knee. Light essence is wiped with the point or spray at pulse jumpy place, avoid to be used at the pulse jumpy place of bosom, scapula.


5,Perfume, cologne or eau de perfume because essential oil content is not very high, won’t destroy clothing fertilizer fiber, can spray very freely so reach use. For example: pulse, clothing, hair, or in the air.


The effect of perfume is better when the body temperature is high. Basically, the inside of your body is hotter than the outside; Additional, aroma rises, besmear is in lower half body can obtain ideal effect more than besmear upper half body.


6, do not apply perfume to the place that the sun irradiates, because alcohol can leave spots on the skin under insolation, in addition ultraviolet ray also can make the organic composition in perfume produces chemical reaction, cause skin allergy.


7,Perfume can be applied to clean, freshly washed hair. If there is dirt on the hair or grease can make perfume metamorphic. Also cannot spray at the same time on dry and fragile hair, avoid to cause qualitative harm to hair.


8, perfume is an organic component, easy to gold, silver and pearl reaction to fade, damage, so the perfume can not be directly sprayed on decorations, can be worn after the first fragrance.


9, cotton, silk is easy to leave traces, do not spray on the fur, not only damage fur, color will change.


10,Perfume spray in wool, nylon cloth is not easy to leave spots. However, the fragrance will be more difficult to dissipate in the wool material.

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