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A qualified perfume not only to smell good, its persistence is also very important, so in so many cosmetic brands, which is the best persistence? Today by the list 123 small make up for you to list the most lasting perfume rankings, give you a reference, quick to see.


The most enduring perfumes:


Dior Fresh Water


The water of pure and fresh Of Christian Dior is a perfume that compares joker, taste is very natural, no matter be office worker or university student, it is a good choice. The top notes are made up of rosemary, lemon and basil, the middle notes are sandalwood, jasmine, koelreuteria and carnation, and the back notes contain musk, tiger skin and vetiver. The overall taste is very clean, without any pungent powder.




Bulgari Darjeeling Tea


Darjeeling tea is a fragrance developed by Bulgari specifically for men. It has a woody floral aroma and is very fresh and elegant. The top note of the perfume contains orange, tea, nutmeg, nerneria and lemon, the middle note contains nine plants such as carnation, rosewood and coriander, and the back note also uses cedar, musk and amber to enhance the feeling of wood.


Mr. Li’s Garden at Hermes


Mr. Li’s Garden is one of hermes’s more versatile fragrances, which is neutral and can be used by both men and women. The scent is very natural citrus notes, is composed of kumquat, jasmine and mint, although the layers are not very strong, but its bitter feeling is very unique, very recommended for everyone.


Miss Coco Chanel


Chanel’s Coco Lady is also one of the best sellers in the list of the most enduring fragrances, with a light floral scent that is perfect for everyday use. With a top note of orange, tangerine and neroli, a middle note of jasmine, rose and ylang ylang, and a later note of musk, vanilla root and patchouli, the scent will be very recognizable and enhance the temperament of the whole person. It can be said to be a perfume full of charm.


Guerlain Little Black Dress Eau De Toilette


Guerlain’s perfume has always been very popular with women, and this little black dress is also its star product, which tastes very fresh and floral. Jasmine, rose and green leaves in the top notes, cherry, neroli, blackcurrant and apple in the middle notes, combined with patchouli, tiger skin and musk in the back notes, make the fragrance more tender and attractive.

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