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No matter be a man or a woman, a bottle of suitable perfume can add the charm that belongs to him alone for it. And there is a neutral perfume, it is men or women are applicable to the perfume, the same neutral perfume can let different men or women send out a different temperament charm. So which brand of neutral perfume is good? Let’s get to know the neutral perfumes that smell good.


Nile Gardens neutral perfume


This neutral Nile Gardens fragrance features rushes, citrus and Lime fruit on the top, summer jasmine, Nero blossom and Nile water lily on the middle, and FIG, frankincense and cypress on the back. Its overall aroma is fresh orange moss, combining the aroma of fruit, grass and wood, with a fresh and green sense.


Neutral perfume


CK eau de Toilette neutral


CK’s neutral eau de Vie is one of the better known perfumes, with a top note of bergamot and lemon, a middle note of rose, lily, iris and jasmine, and a back note of sandalwood, cedar, musk, amber and oak moss. Its whole gives a person simply self-confidence, the feeling that freedom does not restrain, suit young white collar or business person to use.


Versace blue denim unisex


This blue denim perfume is not only suitable for men, but also for women who are lean and concise. Its notes are Oriental spicy, with verbena, rosemary and juniper in the front, cardamom in the middle and Oriental wood and musk in the end. The whole gives a person fresh and clean, natural affinity feeling, perfume bottle design for a unique coke bottle modeling, has the value of collection.


Zumalone white Jasmine mint neutral perfume


Before this Jo Malone peppermint neutral white jasmine perfume to cassis, mint, bergamot pomelo, parsley, etc., so the beginning of the fragrance will be a little blunt, similar to a mixture of pepper and mint smell, but as before the smell after, in the orange flower, rose, jasmine, ylang flowers and the smell of the lilies of the valley Slowly, and become more gentle.


These are four good smelling neutral perfume recommendations, which one do you prefer? Neuter perfume is men and women can use, so used to a woman. Try these nice smelling neutral fragrances!

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