Perfume can also be used together? 3 tips to create your unique charm

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We all know that lipstick can be folded, but few girls will fold incense when they go out, right? Every year, the mainstream brands are those, some of the fragrances are introduced through the net red and the anchors with the goods, so it is easy to become street fragrance, and instantly become commonplace, and it is easy to get tired of being used for a long time.


Body fragrance is like everyone’s sign. You can also use your sense of smell to deepen others’ impression of you. If you want to make your fragrance sign special and personalized, you might as well try mixing fragrance – mixing fragrance is also called stacking fragrance or mixing fragrance, which means that more than two fragrances are superimposed to mix another fragrance. In fact, besides the collocation of perfume, shower cream, body lotion and perfume can also be matched.


Many professional perfumes love to use incense and perfume to make incense. Bath frankincense has a unique sense of cleanliness, which makes the stacking effect more clean. Do you think that when I mentioned the professional fragrance maker, I found it difficult to spice. I’ll teach you a few tips, and you can also stack your unique fragrance.




Mixing order: from thick to light


The most commonly used method is to spray different perfume at the same place. In addition to the choice of fragrance mix and mix, the order of incense is also very important. It is recommended to spray strong incense before using fresh and light fragrance, so that less flavored perfume will not be concealed by strong fragrance.


Tips for beginners: mixing fragrance with the same flavor


Friends who pay attention to perfume will simply distinguish the fragrance of different fragrances, such as fresh flowers, sweet fruit, neutral wood and herbal herbs. If you don’t want to mix too much fragrance, you can start with the fragrance of fragrance.


Using natural and simple perfume is easier for beginners to mix up. In addition, in the mixing method, you can also choose to spray different fragrances in different parts of the body, and spray the perfume with high concentration on the parts which are easy to disperse, such as the wrist and neck. Light or fresh fragrance is suitable for spraying on the shoulder and clavicle. This will make the blending effect more low-key and subtle. It is the best way for novices to mix incense.


All match fragrance fragrance: rose fragrance


Rose fragrance is the most romantic and classic fragrance, and it is also the most versatile mixed fragrance. If the rose fragrance is mixed with the same classic and feminine jasmine fragrance, it can make the fragrance cleaner and sexy, and add a sense of hierarchy of aroma at the same time. The combination of rose fragrance and wood fragrance is the best choice for neutral mixed fragrance. When you choose it on a date, you can make your partner more interested in your unique fragrance.


Perfume has to be said that once it is used, it can not stop. I can be cured by fragrance when I’m tired, can’t sleep and in a bad mood – even the good smell of soap floating through my neighbor’s house after work can make people smile unconsciously.

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