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Poison perfume is a female perfume produced by Christian Dior, France, belonging to Oriental flavor. The shape of the bottle is elegant, with crystal packaging of five different fragrances: red, green, white, purple and blue. The poison perfume came out in 1980s, coincided with its fashionable style of emphasizing substance and emphasizing personal achievement. What the poison shapes is the embodiment of this hot and enterprising female mystery and sexuality, full of temptation and charming atmosphere, a kind of thick fragrance that people can’t help but move and attract.


Strong charm conquers shyness and breaks the traditional rules with the desire to conquer. Such a moment and such a victory are destined to be shocking. Dior launched its first POISON poison perfume, its create new styles of bold name and the most attractive allure, which opened up the 20 year old legend of attraction. Then the TENDRE POISON gentle and wonderful flower, the HYPNOTIC POISON charming flower and the PURE POISON ice fire wonderful flower, and the earliest launch of POISON poison perfume, the bottle body winding the sexy charming arc, the fragrance tune originates from the same inspiration, contains the various levels of delicate desire, but the same charm theme encourages women to maximize their charm and temptation. It continues the old legend that “poison” is irresistible.


Poison series


Dior purple poison


Dior purple poison


1985 poison (purple poison)


Dior always yearn for its perfume just to open the bottle cap, so that women can see beautiful costumes before their eyes. Therefore, indulgence without losing elegant and exquisite imagination has become the eternal temperament of this luxury brand. In 1985, when women were still lonely in cowardice, poison, a name with strong visual impact, entered people’s life with its strong challenge. It took provocation and advocated the temptation of freedom, generosity, passion and indulgence.


A little more indulgence, and a little more effort, can put a mysterious coat on her, and enter the mysterious exotic scenery with the most charming posture. POISON poison perfume, with its harmony, but also full of strange and strange fragrance, moves the desire of the female heart. In the classic apple shaped perfume bottle, POISON poison melt desire into dizzy deep Amethyst, but dare you touch the precious crystal stopper?


Purple poison flavor


Fragrance: Oriental flower fragrance


Pre tune: coriander


Medium notes: wild berries, orange honey, evening primrose


Tone: windproof root


Dior green poison


1994 TENDRE poison (green poison)


When poison has a sugar coating called tenderness, its temptation becomes more and more deadly.


If the POISON poison perfume is thick and strong fragrance, it echoes the sexy enchantment of the Hollywood actress such as Rita Hayes, Elizabeth Taylor and Marilyn Monroe. Then, the TENDRE POISON tender and delicate flower is ingeniously covered with a delicate fragrance and romance for the original hot and bold charm. In the 90s of last century, People are more attracted to the grace of Ingrid Bergman or Grace Kelly, and the temptation presented by Dior’s tender poison, so it seems more romantic and hierarchical.


Gentleness and poison, the name of TENDRE POISON gentle and wonderful perfume, tells the allure of its allure: the fresh fragrance is brisk, the sandalwood and vanilla are mellow. At the same time, it contains the contradictory elements of modesty and boldness. It is easy to control and exert its strength, joyful, bold and loving; It continues the temperament of poison poison, tempting step by step, comfortable and frank; TENDRE poison is an elusive landscape, always pregnant with a sense of mystery, temptation and romance.


Green poison flavor


Flavor: Citrus flower flavor


Pre tune: oranges, Bai Songxiang


Medium notes: Xiao Cang LAN, orange blossom


Tone: sandalwood, vanilla essence


Dior red poison


1998 hypnotic poison Gu Mei exotic flower (red poison)


In 1998, the charm of Dior continued. The passion and self value of the HYPNOTIC series were enhanced by the charm of HYPNOTIC POISON. The fifth elements, “Joan of arc” and “biohazard”, which were endorsed by HYPNOTIC POISON, were found to be very close to this perfume: self tension and incomparable aggressiveness.


HYPNOTIC POISON is also the John Galliano, the first perfume ever created by the most talented designer of the contemporary era after joining Dior. Between the rich, fragrant and delusions, HYPNOTIC POISON accurately captured the release point of passion, just like a mysterious spell showing an illusion. HYPNOTIC POISON is irresistible between extreme sensibility and agitation. Explain the dazzling temptation.


Like other models of poison series, the bottle body of hypnic poison is also very close to its own theme. Artificial Ruby flashes profound charm and temptation is imminent.


Red poison flavor


Flavor: Spicy flower and fruit flavor


Top flavor: Malaysian pepper, lily of the valley, cinnamon


Medium fragrance: Orange nectar, blackcurrant, kataf myrrh


Aftertaste: ambergris, Lebanese rose


Ice fire exotic flower


2004 pure poison ice fire exotic flower (white poison)


In 2004, a new member of the poison family, pure poison, was born. In the name of temptation, fDior continues the charm legend that began in 1985 to today; In the name of temptation, PURE POISON is the synthesis and sublimation of Dior magic, bringing new meaning to “poison” for modern women. PURE POISON ice cream wonderful perfume still selects POISON series traditional crystal apple shaped bottle body, but it has a silver white coat, even in the dark, still flickering. This just explains the ideal of pure poison: between night and day, between the collision of ice and fire, between dream and reality, between strength and vulnerability, pure poison ice and fire is wonderful, counting and interpreting all kinds of subtle desires of modern women, whether pure, charming, sincere and perceptual. Pure poison’s fragrance just makes the charming temptation more intense. At the same time, it also shows the strange moments of various fragrances and volatilizes the ultimate charm with subtle harmony. Savoring the modern perfume variety of PURE POISON ice cream. The POISON that was born 20 years ago can also excite us. It has lasted for 20 years. The poison has long relied on us and is irresistible.

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