The charm of perfume is added! These 6 perfumes make women entranced with you.

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Women without perfume have no future. What about men? As a forgotten group, men do not seem to feel that they are in the right to use perfume, and even many men regard perfume as a sign of “sissy”. It is said that the memory of smell is the most profound, silent but unforgettable. Isn’t such a silent power not manly enough?


It’s not easy to find a perfume that suits itself and can last for a long time. Luca Tulin, a famous perfume expert, once said that every bottle of perfume is an island. What you can do is to grade GPS navigation and bring the kind you love, and then find love.


Today, according to the traditional perfume classification, according to the different flavor types, look at the classic or minority male fragrance choices.


Leather flavor


◆ Haeckels Eau De Parfum / GPS 23’ 5”N


Picked on 9th February 2014 / Cloudy Day – 100ml


Front note: compact powdery flower fragrance.


Medium note: dry smoked wood with strong leather tone.


Tone: clean flower smell


Haeckles is a niche brand with little information on the Internet, but it does not affect his family’s perfume being bought by many buyer shops. One of the characteristics of their perfume is that they are named after the longitude and latitude of the raw materials, and are matched with corresponding wooden boxes. The date and weather of picking raw materials will also be marked. Although the composition of this product is mainly flower fragrance, the leather taste is very heavy, so it is also attributed to the leather fragrance. The scene reflected is “the playground after burning”, which has a sense of Phoenix Nirvana.


◆ Tom Ford Tuscan Leather


Top notes: Saffron, raspberry and thyme


Medium note: frankincense Jasmine


After adjustment: Leather Suede, amber wood fragrance.


In a word, it is the taste of high-grade leather clothes. This is smooth and clean, with a very neutral and low profile. It is not so clear that the neat leather is coming allowing no explanation. Drake once wrote a same name Rap called “Tuscan Leather”, saying that people who spray this perfume are rich and good.


Wood incense




◆ Le Labo The Noir 29


Front note: fragrant lemon, fig leaf, bay leaf


Medium notes: cedar vetiver and musk


Tone: Tobacco hay


Le labo, called “laboratory” in French, was founded in New York by two French men. It has the current popular “sense of industry”, and also makes the minimalist style out of the tough rather than light feeling. In addition to the traditional wood aroma components, this noir 29 also innovatively adds red tea aroma molecules. It’s bitter, but it’s light and steady. “I miss your kiss / fingers, light tobacco smell”, which is probably the taste sung in the song.


◆ Hermes earth d’hermes


Orange juice, grapefruit


Medium note: Pepper Geranium


Tone: Patchouli cedar Vetiver benzoin


Male fragrance has a dominant position of a perfume, from the name can feel the sense of inclusiveness. It can be said that it will never go wrong. It is also used by a bunch of writers with Guo Jingming style to give extra points to the hero: he wears a shirt, drinks ice water and uses the earth. Earth water is also the best male fragrance of the year at the 2007 Fifi award.


Fresh fragrance


◆ CK One


Top notes: papaya, bergamot, pineapple, lavender, cardamom.


Medium notes: roses, citrus flowers, jasmine, violets.


Tone: Amber musk


Many men’s first perfume, from bottle to smell, can recall the memory of youth. Many people have misunderstood CK and American perfume. They think that too much public = no taste is a misreading. Luca Tulin, the perfume master, described the perfume as “letting the time stop completely and sparkle”, just like the opening at 8 in the morning, full of hope, no matter how long it took to go there, the frozen time was the best time.


◆ Frederic Malle Cologne Bigarade


Front note: bitter orange


Medium note: Rose


Tone: cedar, hay


Frederic Malle from perfume family, grandfather was the founder of Dior perfume. Frederic Malle has recruited dozens of top flavors around the world to create elegant perfume. But maybe because of this, the bottle is simpler. This Cologne bigarade launched in 2001 is a never wrong citrus tone with a little green flavor – who doesn’t love the taste of nature?

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