This fall, of course, you need to be floral, and this perfume is perfect for you!

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Perfume at the beginning is to cover body odor, every girl likes the smell of incense, and perfume is like another layer of clothes, some people say that you can see a person through clothes, the same perfume can also bring you charm, every girl may have different preferences, some like flowers and plants, some like fruit, and some like sandalwood, musk, cold wind. Perfume can tell you what you like, who you are.


I personally prefer flowers and plants fragrance, I feel like I am in a fragrant place, let people feel relaxed, give me a new day new good mood. The Gucci flower yue want perfume gift box is very suitable for my needs, the sister of hoarders perfume can obtains, the fragrance of the Italian name Gocce di Fiorld is the meaning of the fallen petal, before is the smell of jasmine, in the slowly become the flavor of tuberose and orris, slowly become honeysuckle and adjustment in Rangoon creeper, It is very gentle and elegant lady fragrance




Jasmine base and accompanied by a light sweet, is like wearing a skirt in the forest in a sea of flowers and flowers dancing.


The appearance of the design is simple and advanced and do not lose the girl heart, powder powder is very good-looking. This flower can expand the ability of fragrance, fragrance is also good, the overall feeling of beauty but not demon.


It doesn’t suit the sister of sweet style, this perfume I don’t think it’s temperament is like the girl from women transition period is the kind of sweet smell, dry spray, of course, it should not wear too casual, suitable for the cocktail party, party, this fragrance is suitable for the dress up a bit more enchanting, socialite, fair maiden or everyday a little wind dress up can be, also can when in the workplace, it is a good, Don’t do five, six. One, two is just fine.


Before the arrival of winter, girls to feel the taste of autumn, autumn to beautiful, but also to incense!

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