Those who have these perfume are “high level” game player.

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With the aesthetic design of perfume and the design of bottle and smell, more and more girls and boys also find their own perfume style. Even when they are at ordinary times, they will bring their own smell to the most rich and beautiful. Perfume and their clothes cannot do without our fashion products.


Before that, there was a movie that said, “Wen Xiang knows women”. It is also very important to see the refinement and lifestyle of girls through perfume, and perfume has also become a very important medium. So today we are going to talk to you about the brand of female students. But there are also some small perfume brands that are very powerful. And those who can have these high level brands of perfume are often game player of high rank.


Frederic Malle


The brand of this perfume is actually from France. It was founded in 2000 and brought together many top perfumed teachers. Frederic Malle also has a powerful and unconstrained style of incense, which is known as the perfume house. Even the perfume packaging is very “atmospheric”. Like a book, I believe that when you have this kind of fragrance, you have a very strong sense of ceremony when you open it.


Its outer box also looks like a book, but the bottle design inside is a special atmosphere and classic charm, with neutral color, but it smells special “sexy”. Boys and girls can have it, and the texture is very deep, but it is also very fresh. The fragrance of this perfume is more feminine, because the rose essential oil content of this bottle of perfume is as high as 10%, which is equivalent to 400 roses in a bottle. One thing is that their family is also willing to sacrifice their fragrance in the fragrance. In large doses of Turkey roses, they also include berries and geranium and sandalwood, which increase the depth and mystery.


At the same time, there is this uninhibited Vetiver series, which is also made of exquisite materials. The Haitian Vetiver essential oil added here is the spice that the perfumery has waited for 15 years to finally complete. It smells particularly masculine. It has both the richness of vetiver and the freshness of orange. It is a very textured male fragrance that makes girls fall in love with you every minute.


Atelier Cologne


Atelier Cologne


This brand is also from France’s Ou long, whose family is more focused on making men’s cologne, though the whole line is Cologne, but because the concentration of essential oil used in the product is relatively high, it is almost the same as the fragrance of EDP.


Personality and tonality coexist. There is almost no fragrance of stepping on thunder. Men can choose it even with their eyes closed. There are several series in their family that can also be selected with their eyes closed. Girls’ use will also include that refreshing and handsome medium Sexy:


Orange sanguine


This perfume is the signboard style of their family. After the smell is opened, it smells like the flavor that blooms in the hands after the explosion of oranges. There is no bitter bitterness. It is a pure and vibrant citrus fragrance. It is also sweet and refreshing. It is also an essential summer item. Their family is very intimate with a Tiffany blue leather suit, and it makes people feel better.


Cedrat enivrant


Personally, I also love the refreshing fragrance which is like a series of fruit flavors or fruit flavors. Lemon is also a good choice. This is also a series of lemon flavors. This perfume is from the Mediterranean, which is fresh and fragrant. It looks as if the air is full of ice and bright moisture. In summer, Using it to match with the holiday style clothes on your body will appear very comfortable and casual, with exquisite effect. It is also a high-level style.


Serge Lutens


Thick and heavy in colours, such as the French Ludan perfume, is often seen as the best flavor of their home is the variety of “rough” flavors, the power of dispersal and the fragrance of lingering.


And their brand has a lot of net red incense, which once sold very well. Let’s take a look:


Five o’clock Au ginger


Now many girls like the light flavor style very much, but it’s also good to try the strong flavor occasionally. The taste gives people a strong memory. Ginger and tea are mixed with the sweetness of lemon. They smell strong oriental style and refresh their minds at the same time.


La fille de Berlin


This perfume is a very important part of Xiaobian, because it is in front of the time, it has a certain “invasive”, and is the kind of rose mixed pepper flavor, strong to some spicy, while the Berlin girl’s Rose flavor is not the kind of sweet and greasy style on the Internet, but mixed with a little berry sour taste, more girls feeling. Girls who like the fragrance of fat and powder can boldly pick this ↓

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