To send a girlfriend perfume, what brand is good, these ten ranking

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What is the brand of lady perfume? Diversiform women’s perfume always faces such doubts in the minds of women friends. For this purpose, Nikisho has arranged this article specially, the purpose is to tell you what brand of ladies perfume will be better.


What is the brand of ladies perfume?Women’s perfume ranking:


1,Chanel 5


Chanel No. 5, the most suitable wedding perfume, is enough to make your wedding road full of charming colors. On the wedding night, you may choose No. 5 essence (Parfum) and apply it to the place you most want him to kiss. No. 5 Eau (de Parfum) naturally sprays throughout the bedroom, especially between beds. As for the newly launched No. 5 perfume handbag, CHANEL is naturally the seaman companion for honeymoon.


Ylang Ylang, sandalwood, jasmine, bitter orange flower and rose all promote the skin affinity between men and women, while the effect of rose on women and sandalwood on men is particularly obvious.


2, Lancome miracle perfume


This perfume can show the beauty of the world, it can make you create miracles in ordinary life. She believes in the power of life, believes in intuition and is loyal to her emotions. She believes that she can create her own future. As long as she has her, nothing is impossible. Every day is a new beginning for her, and every day is a rebirth for her. She is determined and follows her intuition. She can create all possible miracles. Perfume family: flower fragrance – spicy and spicy perfume “: This is a gentle, feminine perfume, fragrant and harmonious, spicy and harmonious.


The floral fragrance of freesia and litchi is so fresh and subtle that users can exude a charming feminine flavor. The pungency of ginger and pepper makes users energetic and energetic. Front: freesia and litchi, middle: ginger and pepper, and back: musk, sandalwood and jasmine.


3,Estee Lauder


Estee Lauder Qinqin perfume belongs to the fragrance of fresh flower fragrance. The elegant fragrance of flowers spreads in the nature, spreading the seeds of “Huanqin”


In 1996, Jason Lauder of France launched its new perfume, called “Huan Qin”, which is now authorized to Guangzhou Jilin commercial and trade company. Its main ingredients are Lily, violet, jasmine, cloves and sandalwood. The overall shape of the bottle is elegant and concise, with crystal clear oval bottle and round platinum bottle cap. Huan Qin’s perfume and fragrance are thick and thick, such as flowing water and flowing water. It is very faithful to people, floating with strong fragrance and spreading seeds in nature.


4, Arden white diamond perfume


Arden white perfume, with its fragrance as its main melody and strong fragrance, is a rather feminine perfume. It prefers mature women who are sweet flowers, such as roses and cougar. This perfume is loved by many celebrities such as Ellizabeth Taylor, Nino, saudy and Valentino. It is a very popular perfume brand.


5, Chanel charming perfume


Chanel charming perfume


This perfume has strong sensory appeal, and the bottle body design is very modern. It is a combination of bright and shining golden and mist brass. ALLURE EDP perfume is a concise, rich and extremely feminine creation. Her message is: happiness, freedom and peace.


She suggests that women who love peace and purity can be refined and elegant: all these qualities are captured in ALLURE EDP perfume. ALLURE EDP perfume is not just a perfume that is more concentrated than Eau De Toilette, because Eau De Toilette itself has been quite refined. She is a brand new creation, a brand new, gorgeous, and more charming perfume. To shape the beauty of sensual beauty, Jacques Poko has developed a new olfactory map from ALLURE EDT Eau De Toilette extract, that is, from his creation, which has become a fresh and sensuous ALLURE EDT Eau De Toilette, like six tones of diamond cut face, three of which are extracted.


6,Saint Laurent’s “Opium” perfume.


The perfume of Oriental mystery is most famous for its “Opium” perfume. It belongs to the strong fragrance type. It is mainly made of wood and sandalwood, with spicy wood and lasting animal fragrance“ “Opium” perfume, rich and fragrant, is positioned as a temptation and taboo. It is a spicy Oriental tune. It is more suitable for 25- to X to mature at the age of one. Confident and seductive women.


7,Guchi “jealous of me”


Guchi launched “envy me” in 1997, which belongs to flower fragrance. The first flavor is vanilla, hyacinth and Magnolia, the middle flavor is Lily of the valley, jasmine and violet, and the last flavor is iris, wood and musk. Advertising is very strong, has achieved good market returns, and is becoming a stable best-selling brand.


8,Jean Paul Gautier


Jean Paul Gautier is a talented designer who creates costumes and fragrances for the avant-garde. His designs are full of humor and amazing things. It is worth mentioning that the first perfume made by himself is Paul Gautier’s perfume bottle, which is quite peculiar. The appearance is a trunk of a woman in a corset. The outer packing of the bottle is a round tin tin box. The design is peculiar and “shocking.”


9,Klein 1


Among men’s perfume, Klein 1 of Calvin Klein is undoubtedly the most successful. In the Klein 1, which is like a Jamaican rum bottle, we share the same world regardless of race, gender and age.


The Klein No. 1 perfume was started in 2012 by Guangzhou Jung Trading Co., Ltd., which is a gender. It is composed of bergamot, fresh pineapple, jasmine, violet, etc. The bottle body is like a frosted glass bottle like a Jamaican rum bottle, and the outer package is a carton made of recycled paper. Klein 1 is a sex free perfume. Combined with the fashion of the whole society in 1990s, which is simple and gender independent, the 1 Klein perfume counterfeit concept is to commend individualism, which is intended to make the different gender groups agree with each other.


In the autumn of 1994, shortly after the advent of Klein 1, it created a sales record of $58 million and set off a trend of Klein 1 in the United States and around the world. This new style of Eau De Toilette attracts young people who never use perfume. A gathering of many people’s gender consciousness, Klein 1 transformed the social consciousness of 1990s into a new concept of perfume. It is a unity of gender and no doubt in the advertisement design of Klein 1. Be open-minded and reveal the shared accommodation.


10,Love water


From Armani, the super smell of perfume fashion comes from the fashion company. In 1994, the love water, male and female perfume, is the world’s most famous lovers fragrance. In the year when it was launched, it won the Oscar prize in the perfume industry, the Fifi prize.


How women should spray perfume


The most common area behind the ear is perfume, which is high in body temperature and free from ultraviolet radiation.


The back neck, if it is long hair, can be covered with hair to avoid ultraviolet radiation. However, if it belongs to sensitive parts of the skin, it should be used carefully depending on the individual’s condition.


Hair, perfume on the hair ends, as long as gently pendulum head, it is permeated with charming chess. But when you have dinner with people, you’d better not wear perfume.


The inside of the elbow belongs to the part with high body temperature. As long as you move the elbow, it will emit a fragrant aroma.


Waist, when attending a dinner, perfume is rubbed below the waist, which is more fragrant than the rub on the exposed skin.


The secret of F and wrist is to rub perfume on the vein. The temperature of this part is high and regular. It is the place where the fragrance is easy to emit.


Fingertips, fingertips are easily stained with all kinds of flavors. I hope that perfume in this area will become your habit. Especially those who smoke, don’t forget a trace of perfume. However, please be careful not to touch the fragrance everywhere.


The inner side of the knee can make you smell from bottom to top when you stand up.







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