Use different perfumes as cocktails to create the best scent for your body!

nikisho Date:2021-08-05 16:01:34
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Perfume is a very interesting thing, it looks like visible actually invisible, with the existence of the most nihilistic, promoting our temperament and feeling silently, the mood that also lets us and modelling are having more perfect ornament. Perfume is a great partner for girls and they want to know how to get the most out of the same perfume. In addition to learning how to make fragrances last the most, have you ever considered that perfumes can also be blended like cocktails to create unique flavours?


The schoolgirl of original Euramerican very habit can use different perfume mix, and foreign perfume division also thinks the method of such spout perfume water, can deploy a very unique taste, and that kind of taste is most individual character, because fragrance still can be mixed with the unique smell on your skin.




Superposition of the mixed use perfume, even use, do not represent us to put the two perfume gush in the same position at the same time, actually using the method can have a lot of kinds, you can spray a layer of after take a shower first, and then in front of the spray on another layer, so the first perfume fragrance is there will be some changes, coupled with fresh second perfume, taste is more special. Besides, you also can choose to go up in different place spray different perfume, a kind of new flavour can be produced when letting whole body walk up, also be might as well the practice that tries.


If you are trying to mix perfumes, you can start with perfumes that have the same ingredients. The flavours will be easier to blend. Another tip to keep in mind is to wear strong perfumes first, as they will last longer and will mask the other perfumes if worn later. In fact, it is not a right or wrong thing to wear perfume, as long as you like the taste, it is the right formula for you.

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