Versace Peninsula Memory Perfume

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“Escape to a remote island, blue sky meets clear water. Sea breeze caresses the skin, awakens the senses and remolds the soul. A perfume reminiscent of warm sunshine and summer. Dylan Turquoise, versace’s Peninsula Memory perfume, is an ode to versace’s female sensibility.”


Versace Peninsula Memory perfumes are selected from the highest quality natural and artificial materials, all of which are traceable from around the world. Meets the highest standards of environmental and social sustainability, conforms to the principles of green chemistry and benefits from the latest biotechnology research. More than 85% of the ingredients in perfumes are biodegradable.


Versace Peninsula Memory Perfume


Sweet atmosphere fragrant air


Vibrant and dazzlingly bright, Versace Peninsula Memory perfumes embody tradition and creativity, completing the Dylan collection and versace men’s collection.


Fino lemon, considered to be the best quality lemon, gives off a dazzling light and is the leading role in the front note, ensuring a very personal perfume front note, with a slightly sour taste and a persistent greenness. Picked early in the season, as the first winter fruit, fino lemons create a surging energy with their amazing juice. It’s a blend of Sicilian tangerines and lemon peel and pulp molecules to create layers of smell. Adding to the richness is the top note of pink pepper, which smells like red berries.


The middle notes really give this perfume creativity. A special rhyme enhances the freshness of the guava juice, showing an exotic and tropical flavor. In order to create a fresh and light feeling, transparent jasmine petals and freesia essence add floral notes, turning the perfume into a modern green note.


What makes this perfume sexy is its modern woody scent. The base of the perfume is the contrast of light and shadow, cedar wood combined with the sensibility of amber to create a woody flavor without leaving any of the earthy camphor inherent in these essences. This primitive molecule, made from sugarcane and first created through biotechnology, is a unique ingredient. Vibrant notes of wood and white musk infuse modernity into this noble fragrance.


Versace Perfume


Top notes: Orange extract, Fino lemon extract, pink pepper


Medium notes: black currant sprout oil, jasmine petals, freesia, guava


Base: cedar wood, vibrant wood, musk


The bottle packaging


Versace peninsula Memory perfume bottle is the embodiment of versace’s creative design. The elegant curves call to mind amphorae, strongly evoking Greek civilization and Greek mythology, elements that can be found in the Versace Home collection. The blue frosted perfume bottle emphasizes the clarity of the water and the continued desire for summer. The details are pale gold, and the aluminum cap is stamped with medusa’s head and engraved with the perfume’s name. In the middle of the bottle, baroque letters spell out the brand name.

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