What does flower fragrance perfume brand have? Floral perfume recommended

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What does the perfume of flower fragrance have? The perfume nature of a bottle of good smell can exert the infinite charm that gives an individual, and the perfume of flower fragrance brought more pure and fresh, natural, refreshing one’s heart and refreshing one’s heart is full of vitality. Will introduce the perfume brand of a few popular flower fragrance for everybody below, the friend that is interested in gets up quickly!


Diptyque Philosykos FIG weak perfume


Diptyque is a well-known fragrance brand from France. Its products are well known for their high quality and elegant fragrance. One of their star products, the fragrance by renowned perfumer Olivia Giacobetti is a unisex woody scent that can be used by both boys and girls and has been selling well ever since.


The main theme is the scent of FIG leaf, with a hint of coconut fruit. The flavor changes relatively easily, from the first to the middle and back notes, the green grass of FIG is gradually strengthened, gradually fading behind the ears, and finally merged with the soft aroma of cedar.


flower fragrance perfume


Marc Jacobs Daisy female eau de toilette


The Little Daisy Female Eau de Toilette by Marc Jacobs is one of the most classic fragrances of the famous American designer of the same name. It is inspired by blooming daisies and displays the youthful vitality vividly.


Fresh and natural Daisy notes, pear on the front with a light acidity of raspberries, jasmine, rose, violet and apple blossom on the middle notes with a warm floral sweetness, and musk and cedar on the back. Overall, this is a fruity fragrance, fresh and sweet, more suitable for young and energetic women to use.


Bvlgari Mon Jasmin Noir L’Eau Exquise perfume for Ladies of Jasmine night on Exquise


Bulgari is the leading Italian jewellery brand, running its perfumes through the international fashion community with a distinctive brand of elegance and immortality. Inspired by the jasmine flowers and fountains of Florence’s Boboli Gardens, this water night Jasmine is full of Renaissance elegance, with its elaborate embossed design and metallic texture.


The first tone of the perfume is juicy and sour grapefruit, paired with almond and grapefruit, strong but fresh and refreshing. The middle notes of jasmine and white tea show more tender feelings, and the later notes of cedar and musk are mellow and soft, making people intoxicated.


Dior Diorissimo jasmine Eau de Toilet


Launched in 1956, Diorissimo was dubbed the “Dior of Dior”, featuring floral aromas such as jasmine and lilies of the valley, and was considered a classic of the 1950s. This perfume is based on pure jasmine fragrance, with lily, lily of the valley, green leaves and other fresh and soft fragrance, crisp and elegant, refreshing, let you feel like being in the sea of flowers under the sun, full of vitality. Fresh scented tea fragrance, after a long taste, suitable for elegant, dignified temperament women to use.


The light floral perfume is sweet but not greasy, just like the warm spring breeze blowing, bringing fresh and elegant vitality. However, as each person has different preferences for fragrance, it is recommended that you go to the counter to try it out before you buy.

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