What is the best perfume to wear at work?

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Bvlgari Omnia Crystalline (crystal)


White crystal is like a pure white lotus flower. Officially, it’s a perfume for Asians. Its taste is very small and fresh, the middle of the pond is dotted with lotus flowers, the air is filled with water vapor, a wisp of breeze blowing, the fragrance of lotus hit, quietly elegant, clear and sweet, not abrupt, carefully smell, there are some tea taste, a kind of low-key implicit beauty. There’s no qualms about applying this scent to the workplace, and its light, breezy aroma will only be a quiet plus.


Goutal Eau d’Hadrien’s water


The taste of Hadrian’s Water follows a minimalist concept, clean and dry, with sour lemon, grapefruit and ginger like a freshly washed white shirt. With cypress wood to support the whole journey, this big citrus has good staying power and is very practical. The overall aroma is simple but not simple, while the woody aroma leaves a rigorous and capable impression, the citrus will brighten the whole, so that it is refreshing but not stuffy.


Hermes Eau des Merveilles


Tangerine starlight is a fragrance based on wood. After an initial burst of tangerine, it will be followed by salty ambergris. Its ornament adds a very unique recognition to the perfume. The taste of wood is dry and heavy, which gives the impression of maturity and toughness when used in the workplace. Fine smell goes down, can discover orange picks star to have very rich inside story, from amber to ambergris, again to vetiver grass and cedarwood, between spice start to carry on to turn together, just like is a inside story and connotation female talent can have flavor. Suitable for girls who want to grow up a bit.




Prada Infusion D ‘Iris (Iris Light)


A neutral makeup fragrance, with a clean sense of soap. At first it was a lovely smell of neroli, then it gradually became pinker and more soapy. At the end of the note, the wood and incense blend seamlessly into each other, making it a perfect fragrance for both men and women. Slightly less divergent, but very durable. Overall, it is a cool, serious perfume, which can be used in the workplace or in interviews to give a professional impression.


Jo Malone Orange Blossom


How do you describe this orange blossom? It gives me the feeling is like pure and innocent girl, in the spring, a head into the flowers in full bloom flower plexus, soft fragrance is blown by the pure air, melting in the heart, let the mood moment bright up. With a hint of green leaves, it is warm and cool. Citrus throughout, bringing a cool freshness, very spiritual. This perfume is used in on-the-job field, can give a person a kind of safety does not have public harm, the pure feeling that does not have scheming.


Chanel No 5 L’Eau


Known for its powerful aura, Chanel No. 5 was born under the motto of Madame Chanel, “Perfume is as memorable as a strong slap in the face.” But today I’m not recommending Chanel No. 5, but his refreshing version, No. 5 Water. It is based on the original with a lot of fresh citrus and fruit flavors, with some light and pleasant flavor. The original no. 5’s spirit and spirit remain, with the mellow and atmospheric combination of aldehydes and flowers, but the proportion of aldehydes has been diluted. Accordingly “soapy water” the feeling is not so obvious also, whole aroma appears fresh water embellish, clear jading get rid of appear. If the original No. 5 was suitable for women in their 30s, the Water of No. 5 seems to have been made for newcomers to the workplace.

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