What perfume for men smells good and light

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Chanel Azure Eau de Toilette for Men


The infinite, deep, far-reaching blue is dedicated to the visionary man. It is a fragrance that exudes unrestrained masculine charm. The enchanting woody amber notes represent a salute to freedom. A masculine and unyielding will is expressed in the toughness of cedar. The intoxicating woody aroma naturally harbors an untamed and unruly scent. The deep, dark blue bottle is also a point I particularly like, send boyfriend to send dad is a good choice.


[Fragrance] Woody amber fragrance


Top notes: citrus, grapefruit, mint, pink beard, nutmeg


Middle notes: cedar, Laudanum


Base notes: jasmine, horehound, aromatic grass




KENZO Wind of Love Pure Water Eau de Toilette for Men


Pure and pure water, light and simple, this is the wind of love. The top notes are fresh citrusy, with Japanese lotus leaves, lemon and green pepper bringing a crispness to this fragrance with a touch of biting. The middle note is a mint water lily-based, the most awesome is with a little tobacco scent, unobtrusive sexy. The latter note is if anything clear, wind like a man. This light breath with a bewildering texture, like this feeling must be into a bottle.


[Fragrance] Clear green marine fragrance


Top notes: Japanese lemon, lotus leaves, green pepper, linalool leaves


Middle notes: aquatic mint, water lily leaves


Base notes: green pepper, white musk


Davidoff Deep Spring for Men


Davidoff fragrance for men is a kind of bones with the sophistication and elegance of fashionable life, full of the flavor of men. It is a deep spring that dives into the heart of a man, with top notes of citrus and kiwi permeated with marine flavors, middle notes of sage and cedar dense and seductive, and end notes of hinoki, musk and rockrose with a calm and forthright warmth. And it is very special if as a women’s fragrance for men is also great, must be very cool.


[Fragrance] Woody aromatic notes


Top notes: kiwi, mandarin, cactus, juniper berries, apple


Middle notes: sage, fir resin, cedar

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