When women spray perfume, try not to make 3 “basic mistakes”, or the taste is easy to disperse, but also smells bad

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Perfume is the most favorite daily necessities of women, different perfumes represent the aura, image are very different. Not only can you solve the embarrassment of body odor, but also enhance your personal temperament.


But you will find your own perfume spray out the taste does not last, and the fragrance will evaporate into a bad smell after a long time, obviously you spend a lot of money to buy, but it looks cheap.


That’s because you don’t understand perfume at all! Spray perfume, choose a perfume of special attention, if you are spraying perfume when the wrong way to use, ruined not only the perfume, and their own image!


1, the 3 basic mistakes of perfume, you have committed?


① Diversified perfumes mixed use


A good scent who like, but the spray perfume remember must not be mixed together spray! Each perfume has a different front and back note, and the style represented is much the same.


If different perfumes are mixed together, it will cause a strong pungent strange taste, but also destroy the tone of the perfume, many women like the volatile of different scents, then in the choice of perfume can choose the front and back of the base tone difference, both can have a different taste, but also will not destroy the texture of the perfume.


②The stronger the perfume the more you like


Perfume is all about “fragrance”, but is the more fragrant the better, no! One of the benefits of a strong fragrance is that it takes a long time to evaporate and retains its flavor throughout the day, but it is harsh and easy to get dizzy.

And there is a problem with rich perfume is that it seems inferior, cheap, there is no sense of seniority, can not distinguish the front and back tone, and then want to maintain the durability of the perfume, and not rely on the concentration to support, but the skill of spraying perfume with each person’s style, that can show the characteristics of perfume.




③ Spray perfume on clothes


Everyone wants to keep the perfume on the body for a longer time, so they will spray the perfume on the clothes to make the perfume sing the scent, but it must be wrong.


First of all, there are many kinds of fabric materials of clothes, perfume belongs to chemical substances, if it is more expensive and advanced clothing, it will easily destroy the texture of the clothes; such as silk and satin material, perfume will leave traces. And our daily use of laundry products themselves will have the smell of fragrance, the perfume will be sprayed on the clothes and the use of strong perfume in the same way.


Second, how to use perfume correctly? The correct way to open is as follows.


Perfume is to represent a person’s impression, we are also in the choice of perfume to deepen their temperament or impression, so the selection of incense is not such a simple matter, we have to define from many details of things, as well as their own style.


1, according to their own style selection of fragrance


How to choose the most suitable for their own perfume, then first clearly define their own style, fresh, cute and sweet is not suitable for rich perfume; sexy and mature is not suitable for the bland fruit, suitable for more charming mature women’s perfume.


Of course when you are not sure what style you belong to, you can first dip the fragrance paper into the perfume on your wrist, give a ten minutes to let it evaporate, if the smell after evaporation is not pungent that is suitable for you. You can also choose according to the shampoo fragrance you use, the taste is greater than the fragrance of shampoo, that does not suit you, similar to the description of suitable.


2, long-term use of similar fragrance


Although the perfume is an easy to let women love the product, but want to develop a long-term independent fragrance for their own, then stick to the same one, do not use every different fragrance to use one, that is not going to develop an exclusive fragrance of their own.


Long-term use of similar fragrance is also not to let you have been using only one bottle of perfume, but the class of perfume: strong fragrance eau de parfum, etc., if the beginning of the use of a fruit-based perfume. In the replacement time to choose the same category of fruit fragrance, the difference will not be a lot, but also to make the perfume and their own hormones have a certain memory.
Three, the use of perfume skills


①The use of different parts of the perfume


Behind the ears: the temperature behind the ears will not be ultraviolet, the durability of the perfume can be more extended, suitable for the use of perfume in the form of smear.


Wrist:Wrist is a part that many people know, but it does not mean that you go spraying at will, the correct location: find the pulse, the blood vessels can stimulate the fragrance of perfume, so that the perfume and your skin more closely, to create the feeling of body fragrance.


Shoulder and neck:The area around the shoulders and neck is not suitable for applying perfume, but the hair cover can be used, the shoulder and neck and the collision of the hair tail, can make the hair touch the fragrance, but also block the problem of letting the sun exposure.


Thighs:The temperature of the thighs is the highest temperature of the human body area, the perfume will be because the right temperature will play the fragrance to perfection.


Ankle: This part of the body will rarely pay attention to, but it is really a location that can put the fragrance all over, using the method of rubbing perfume on the ankle, walking can be with the fragrance.


② understand the fragrance thick


Thick fragrance:The lasting degree of thick fragrance is very strong, the fragrance occupies up to 25% of the composition, the use of the occasion can be a grand occasion as well as high-end indoor activities to use, enhance the impression, so that they have recognition.


Clear fragrance: Clear fragrance will only reach about 15% of the fragrance agent, more refreshing and pleasant fragrance, suitable for use as an interview as well as when meeting with other people.


Eau de Parfum: Eau de Parfum, as the name suggests, is a light fragrance, and the longevity of the fragrance generally exists only between 2-4 hours, for everyday use at work or for fresh graduates.


Micro fragrance: micro fragrance and shower gel fragrance Jing sister, fragrance lasting in 1-2 hours, there is no strong sense of presence, suitable for use before bedtime and before and after exercise, relaxation function.


③ different occasions clever use of perfume


Daily office:Avoid using a strong personal character of perfume, there is a loss of identity.


Cocktail party:Micro fragrance cologne is the most suitable, will not cover the taste of food.


Rainy days:Gloomy weather, the humidity in the air will make the perfume evaporate very fast, eau de toilette is most suitable for the rainy season.


Business meeting:Important occasions should be based on each other’s preferences to choose perfume, if you do not know, you can choose an elegant and dignified fragrance, or do not need to use perfume.


Wedding:A lively and joyful place, a comfortable fragrance can make the whole person happier, choose a top note fragrance with a heavy back note.


Sleep:The fragrance before bed need not be too strong, choose a fragrance that helps the effect of sleep: lavender, wormwood, sandalwood, etc., effective to help sleep.


Private dating: and the meeting of the partner of choice, you can choose a perfume with fruit and floral fragrance, can increase the attractiveness of each other, to create a sweet impression.


Perfume has been around since the last century, not only an object that emits fragrance, but also represents the story that the designer wants to express as well as shape your personal image, today’s analysis of the 3 perfume mistakes, must be carefully avoided to find a unique charming fragrance of their own ~

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