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The following are the relevant terms and conditions for using nikisho website (hereinafter referred to as “this website”) (hereinafter referred to as “these terms”). The privacy policy listed separately is part of this Clause for interpretation or other purposes.


If you do not accept these terms, please do not use this website and the services provided by nikisho. When you use this website and the services provided by nikisho, you have read and understood these terms in detail and agree to be bound by them.


This website may unilaterally modify these terms by updating the page at any time without notice. You should visit this page regularly to see if the terms binding on you have been modified. If you violate any of the terms, or the website suspects that you violate any of the terms, or the website believes that your behavior violates applicable laws or damages the interests of the website or its users, the website may terminate your service of accessing the website and using nikisho with or without your knowledge, and take legal action.


1. Legal use of the website


This website is a large-scale network port composed of multiple web pages. The purpose is to enable users to obtain industry trends and a variety of information and resources. Unless otherwise stated, any new services, features and functions of this website are subject to these terms.


As a user of this website, you are responsible for:


During registration, provide true, accurate, up-to-date and complete personal data, and timely update the above data to ensure its authenticity, accuracy, update and integrity.


Be responsible for any content you upload, post, send or otherwise transmit through the services of this website. You shall not publish any wrong or false information; Information that infringes or violates the rights of any third party, including but not limited to intellectual property rights, trademark rights, trade secrets, privacy rights, portrait rights, reputation rights, etc; It is also prohibited to publish false statements about yourself or your rights and interests. Do not use this website to transmit, publish, upload, publish or circulate any illegal, harmful, intimidating, harassing, infringing, slandering, obscene, slandering or any other offensive or unpleasant materials.


It is not allowed to create interference or confusion against the server or network connected to this website, or violate any requirements, procedures, policies or rules of the network connected to the services of this website. And abide by applicable Chinese laws and regulations, including but not limited to the measures for the administration of Internet information services, the decision of the National People’s Congress on maintaining Internet security, the network security law, etc.


Do not use this website to collect the information of users of this website, and do not infringe the privacy of other users on this website.


2. Public disclosure of information


Before sending any information, you must check whether you send it in the public areas of this website (such as forums, blogs, tribes, etc.). If you are sending information in a public area, you acknowledge that you are voluntary and that anyone can use the information. All information you voluntarily provide in the public area will not be regarded as collected by this website, and this website has no responsibility to deal with such information provided by others in the public area of this website that may be untrue, misleading, obscene, illegal or defamatory. In case of any liability dispute, the information sender shall bear full responsibility, which has nothing to do with this website.


3. Declaration of rights


The contents of this website, such as text, graphics, images, music, logos, icons, buttons, links, HTML coding, trademarks, software and other materials (hereinafter referred to as “materials”), as well as the collection (collection, arrangement and compilation) of all materials of this website, are protected by copyright law, trademark law and other applicable laws. All materials and collections of materials are the exclusive property of this website or its content providers or customers.


Unauthorized use of any materials will violate copyright law, trademark law and other applicable laws. If you copy any material, you must keep the notices of copyright, trademark, service mark and other exclusive rights in the original material on the copy. You can only copy one copy of the materials, and unless otherwise specified in the materials, the copies can only be used for private and non-commercial purposes.


Without the prior written consent of this website, you shall not sell or change the materials for any public or commercial purpose, or copy, reproduce, reprint, upload, download, publish, transmit, display, publicly execute or send the materials in any way, store the materials in the retrieval system, or use the materials in any other way.
This website has been adhering to the concept of respecting intellectual property rights. The written works, art works, photographic works, music works, film works and software works used are authorized through legal channels.


If you upload information in the blog, podcast, forum and other interactive services of this website, it is deemed that the author has authorized this website to enjoy the right of publication, information network dissemination, reproduction and distribution of the information free of charge. This website has the right to grant the work to a third person for legal use.


In view of the characteristics of interactive services such as blog, podcast and forum, this website only provides network information space services and does not bear any legal responsibility for the materials uploaded by users.


This website hopes that all network users will supervise the contents of blog, podcast, forum and other interactive services under this website. If any content is found to infringe the intellectual property rights, portrait rights, reputation rights and other relevant legitimate rights and interests of any third party, please provide information in time in accordance with the following requirements of this article. This website will be in strict accordance with the copyright of the people’s Republic of China After reviewing the relevant provisions such as the regulations on the protection of the right to information network communication and the tort liability law, we will respond quickly and decide whether to delete it.


If you are intellectual property and other related rights (such as portrait right, reputation right, goodwill right, etc.) The owner, or the owner authorized to represent the intellectual property owner and other relevant rights owners, or the owner of any exclusive rights, please report any violations of the intellectual property and related rights of the owner you know and believe will occur or have occurred, and provide the following information to this website:


Clearly point out the works that you claim to have been infringed on intellectual property and related rights on this website. If multiple infringing works are involved, you should list the works you claim to be infringed;


Clearly indicate the information you claim to infringe your rights, including the user name, path, file name and other relevant information provided through this website;


Corresponding intellectual property rights and other rights supporting documents to prove that you are the legal intellectual property rights holder or other relevant rights holder involved in the work, or authorized to represent the intellectual property owner and other relevant rights holders. Your address or mailing address, telephone number, e-mail address and other contact methods, so as to respond to your request quickly.


If you fail to provide the above information, resulting in processing delay, you shall bear the corresponding adverse consequences.