5 good not expensive sunscreen reviews: L’Oreal small gold tube full sunscreen, Bijou refreshing oil control

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To get good skin, sunscreen is essential! UV radiation is the most important cause of skin aging, pigmentation, wrinkles, dullness and other skin problems all because of UV rays, sunscreen is the most effective means to resist external damage to the skin.


Applying sunscreen is the most common method we use to protect ourselves from the sun. Especially in the summer, the demand for sunscreen surges, this time to choose a cost-effective sunscreen is particularly important. Today brings you  good not expensive sunscreen reviews, in this summer sunscreen with an adequate amount, no longer afraid of tanning.


L’Oreal small gold tube facial sunscreen


SPF50+, PA++++, full-band sunscreen, chemical sunscreen


This sunscreen contains six chemical sunscreen ingredients, equipped with the brand’s patented wheat filter sunscreen technology, can protect against 98% of UV radiation; four major protection formula, full sun protection at the same time, there is protection against haze, PM2.5 role; added hyaluronic acid moisturizing ingredients to increase the sense of refreshing use, the skin feel and protection ability to achieve the ultimate balance.


It is easy to apply evenly with a creamy texture and medium fluidity, with medium moisturization on the face and a refreshing feeling on the skin, and fast film formation. After the film is formed on the surface of the skin does not look white, the subsequent superposition of cosmetics is not easy to rub mud.


The sunscreen has a strong protective ability, whether it is a daily commute or a trip out, with this one is sufficient. The sunscreen composition formula upgrade, skin feel light and moisturizing, suitable for dry skin, normal skin and mixed skin texture all season use, big oil skin in the autumn and winter use skin feel more friendly.





Estrin Water Sensitive Sunscreen


SPF50+, PA+++, full wave sun protection, chemical sun protection


This sunscreen has been upgraded to provide much improved sun protection and skin feel. The new version of the sunscreen is highly effective and provides good protection for both daily travel and beach trips.


The new version of the sunscreen is a combination of 6 chemical sunscreen ingredients + photostable protection, high sun protection for a long time; the addition of a unique water-soluble sunscreen agent, efficient sun protection and silky skin feel; three major care-grade ingredients added, moisturizing, antioxidant, melanin reduction all-round action.


The emulsion texture is highly liquid, with a clear, moist, non-sticky feel and short film formation time. After the film is formed, it is not whitish, and the follow-up makeup ability is average.


The sunscreen has a minimal sense of burden on the skin, light as nothing like the skin feels very dry, good oil control ability, quite friendly to large oily skin texture, alcohol-free tear-free formula, sensitive skin texture can also be used without fear.


Bijou Oil Control Fresh Sunscreen Milk


SPF50+, PA+++, full-band sun protection (UVA protection in general), materialized sun protection


This is a very good value for money sunscreen. 3 chemical sunscreens and 2 physical sunscreens work in tandem to provide long-lasting sun protection and peace of mind; it contains a sebum-absorbing powder that is refreshing and oil-controlling and does not come off easily.


The “shake” texture, very easy to spread open, just on the face with a slight sense of oil film, but after the film face state matte dry, a slight whitening effect, oil control power, the subsequent stack of cosmetics basically will not rub mud.


For daily commuting, it has enough sun protection, but not for traveling.This sunscreen feels refreshing and can be used by all skin types; it contains alcohol and may be irritating to super sensitive skin.


ALLIE Elysium Sunscreen Gel


SPF50+, PA ++++, full-band sunscreen, physical sunscreen


It combines sun protection, makeup hold, and is a sunscreen for the face. 3 chemical sunscreens and 1 physical sunscreen work together, loaded with friction-resistant technology, high sun protection prevents peeling and avoids the hassle of reapplication on the go.


The gel-like texture is slightly oily on the face at first, but the skin feels light and moist after the film is quickly formed, with a slight brightening effect and a strong follow up, long-lasting oil control and long-lasting sun protection.


The sun protection ability is strong, long-lasting, excellent waterproof performance, can meet the needs of people in the outdoor sun protection for a long time. It is comfortable to use without drying out and is suitable for all skin types.

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