Besmear eye frost does not use again “middle finger” besmear, hurt the skin too, 3 gimmick improves eye grain black eye circle

nikisho Date:2021-08-20 17:06:17
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Girls these days, all know to use an eye cream, otherwise will breed eye lines. However, eye cream is not used casually, you have to use the right technique. Most girls are using the middle finger to apply eye cream, this is very bad, use the middle finger to apply eye cream force is too big, it is easy to pull the skin, it is very hurt the skin. Nikisho teaches you 3 techniques that you can stick to to improve eye lines and dark circles.


TOP1: Replace middle finger with ring finger


Applying eye cream with the ring finger is lighter than applying eye cream with the middle finger. Because the ring finger is rarely used, it will not pull on the skin when applying eye cream, which is less harmful to the skin. And use ring finger to besmear eye cream, you will unconsciously expand the scope, such effect will be better, even the face can take care of.


eye cream


TOP2: apply in the direction of the eye lines


We must apply eye cream along the direction of the eye lines to smear, do not rub back and forth, so as to ensure that the eye lines will not breed more, at the same time, our eyes can also get better nourishment. Everyone in the application of eye cream, must be light, first with the way to press the point to smear, and then along the direction of the eyes lines slowly online pull, so as to ensure that the eye cream better absorption, but also let our skin more tightly sent. Adhere to the long-term use of such eye cream, eye lines and dark circles will fade a lot.


TOP3: apply eye cream from the inside of your face


Many people apply eye cream to just a few millimeters under their eyes. But actually, besmear eye frost should begin besmear from the position in the middle of the face, from the middle of the face lift up slowly, besmear all the time to now, make a circle to go up again, have taken temple, such besmear eye frost, skin just can get true nourishment at present, eye grain just can dilute really, black eye circle just can strangle in the cradle.


Learn to besmearize the eye cream technique, then Nikisho to recommend a good eye cream, good technique to match good eye cream, the effect will be doubled.


Lancome Cyanine pure eye Cream


Lancome Jing Pure Eye Cream is really good to use, it is a cream texture, super easy to push and super easy to absorb. Besmear does not grow adipose grain completely. It’s infused with rose oil, which is a great way to nourish your skin under the eyes. If you have dry skin and love long, fine lines, if you stick to it, it will lighten your eye lines a lot.

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