Care of newborns, mastering the three words of diligence, release, things, baby grows faster, parents more worry

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In the process of raising children, the newborn period is the first overwhelming stage faced by mothers and fathers. A delicate new life, feeding and caring for all aspects of high demand, is indeed a great challenge for new parents. A newborn’s immune system is unstable, and problems can easily arise if any step of care is not in place for eating, drinking and pulling. Any needs of such a small baby are conveyed through crying, and inexperienced mothers and fathers may not be the first to know what is happening to their baby.


Many elders will use traditional methods, but the old methods may not be scientific. Newborns are very different from adults and even from toddlers, both in terms of work and rest schedules and eating patterns. In addition to the necessary feeding, you should also have some basic knowledge to deal with unexpected situations in the parenting process. In fact, the most activities of newborns is to eat and sleep, master the scientific method, care is not difficult.


1, diligent “breastfeeding”


The “diligent breastfeeding” is not always breastfeeding, but in time after the birth of the baby let him suck the mother’s nipple, on the one hand, can be supplemented as soon as possible, so that the child has the sense of independent sucking. It is more important to let the baby suck to speed up the secretion of milk and prepare for the provision of sufficient milk, generally half an hour after the baby is born.




2, Change the baby regularly


Newborns who have just left the mother’s body have a strong metabolism, plus eating breast milk or formula are liquid food, so they urinate a lot. If the diaper is not replaced for a long time, it will make the baby uncomfortable, causing crying and even harm to the delicate skin, so change the diaper diligently to keep the skin clean and dry.


3, Soothing


For the baby crying, should not hold, always controversial, some people believe that a cry to hold, to develop a habit, more difficult to raise later. Some parents can’t bear to see their children cry and will hold them up the first time they hear crying. Most of the newborn’s crying comes from physiological needs, hungry, urinated, thirsty, etc. or physical discomfort.


If they use the cry to send a signal to mom and dad needs, the delay in getting satisfied may cry more, give a timely response, the baby has a sense of security, physiological needs are not ignored, grow fast and grow well.Many baby parents because too much attention, always worry about a variety of possible problems, sincere and fearful.


4, Relax your body


The baby’s clothes and covers are appropriate according to the room temperature, not too thick and overly bound legs and arms, limbs are restricted to reduce activity, which is not conducive to growth and development, the baby’s bones are also relatively soft, excessive bondage is also easy to make the bones are injured, muscle strength is not exercised. Babies prepare soft and light clothing, whether summer or winter general family indoor temperature is not too cold or too hot, the baby wears more than adults can be.


5, Relaxation of mind


For example, according to the traditional parenting method, worry about the baby’s future rotund legs, born to tie the legs “correct”, in order to prevent future nipple collapse, deliberately squeeze the nipple, etc.. In fact, the growth of the baby, based on scientific parenting, just let nature take its course and relax, too much intervention is likely to harm the baby’s delicate body.


The newborn baby held in the arms of the mother and father, is an additional responsibility, the responsibility of nurturing, parents deserve to take good care of him, first of all, to understand the knowledge of care of newborns, so as not to be overwhelmed. Caring for your baby growing up is not an easy task, it requires love, patience and care, and of course, more importantly, responsibility.

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