Daily beauty and skin care tips, daily beauty and skin care tips for girls

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Beauty and skin care are the lessons of women’s life. If you want to have smooth and soft skin, you need to constantly learn and act. To do a good job in skin care, you need to have some knowledge of skin care. Let’s teach you some tips for daily skin care today.


Partition maintenance


Beauty and skin care


Every time you perform skin care steps, you will always be used to apply a skin care product to the whole face, but in fact, even a person will have different skin properties in different areas of the face. For example, the skin in the T area is obviously more oily than the cheeks, and the skin on the forehead, chin and cheeks is easy to dry and lack water. Therefore, when using skin care products, it is best to maintain facial skin in different areas in order to keep skin healthy and energetic.


Paper mask for neck membrane


Usually a piece of paper mask is applied to the face for 15 minutes or so. We will take it away and throw it away. But there are still many essence left on the mask paper. Remove it from the face and move it to the neck for another 5 minutes, so that it can be used as a cervical membrane. Pay attention to the head slightly backward, and put the top part of the mask under the chin and neck joint so as to keep the neck complexion consistent with the face.


Sunscreen should be comprehensive


Many people can’t stick to sunscreen care for a long time, especially after summer. In fact, ultraviolet rays only exist in summer. Therefore, sunscreen must be adhered to and comprehensive. Those who apply sunscreen in a hurry before going out must pay attention to it. If they want sunscreen to play a role, Be sure to apply it about half an hour in advance, and apply sunscreen every 2 to 3 hours.


Banana mud mask


The banana mud mask is very simple. Peel the bananas directly, then mash the bananas, then add the right amount of honey and stir them evenly, then apply them directly to the cleaned skin and keep them for about fifteen minutes. The vitamins and trace elements in bananas help to improve our skin’s resistance and immunity, and achieve the effect of fine and tender skin.

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