Does “eye cream” work in the end? A deeper look at its lies and the truth

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Does eye cream work or not? It has always been a hot topic of discussion in the skin care industry.


In recent years, eye cream “useless theory” is more and more respected, and even many people firmly believe that eye cream is the biggest “intelligence tax” in skin care products.


Indeed, the effect of eye cream is easy for consumers to question, after all, the price of a small bottle of eye cream is comparable to a bottle of cream, and the use of a month or two does not seem to feel the effect of business publicity.


So is eye cream a “concept” type product? In this issue, nikisho and we will take a deeper look at its lies and the truth!


Does the skin around the eyes need special care?


The answer is yes, the skin around the eyes is different from the facial skin, it is the most prone to produce fine lines, so the eye area is the need for us to go to special treatment.


The outstanding property of the skin around the eyes is its thinness. The thickness of our normal skin is 1-1.5 mm, while the skin around the eyes is 0.33-0.36 mm, which shows the difference between it and other parts. And the skin around the eyes will become thinner and more fragile over time.


The eyes are the most mobile of our five senses. If we convert the average number of blinks per day into steps, it is equivalent to the eyes “walking” more than 10,000 steps per day.


eye cream


In addition, every facial expression we make will drive the skin around the eyes to move, so the skin around the eyes ages faster than the facial skin and is more prone to sagging and wrinkles.


The structure of the skin around the eyes is also different. There are few sebaceous and sweat glands in the skin, so there is very little shine and sweating. Therefore, just as dry skin is prone to facial wrinkles, the skin around the eyes is also particularly prone to dry lines.


Sebum is the skin’s natural protective film, but the skin around the eyes has very little sebum and very little protective film, which contributes to the sensitive nature of the skin around the eyes.


UV exposure and electronic radiation cause more damage to the skin around the eyes than to the facial skin.


What can eye creams do?


As mentioned above, the skin around our eyes is very delicate, which requires us to pay more attention to its care in our daily skin care routine. However, many people feel little effect after using eye creams, which makes them more convinced of the “uselessness” of eye creams.


In fact, it’s not that eye creams are useless, but we misunderstand what they do.


Many people use eye creams because they want to improve fine lines, crow’s feet, eye bags and other problems around the eyes, but these eye problems can not be solved by using eye creams.


So what eye area problems can be improved by eye creams?


Static fine lines: usually caused by dryness, the skin around the eyes is not enough oil secretion, you need to use eye cream products moderate nourishment around the eyes, so that the static fine lines fade.


Accelerate blood circulation: Eye creams contain ingredients such as caffeine and vitamin K, which can target the dark circles formed by staying up late, accelerate the blood circulation of the skin under the eyes, improve the puffiness around the eyes, and lighten this type of dark circles.


Lighten pigmentation: Whitening effect eye creams can act directly on the source of melanin, lighten pigmentation around the eyes and improve dullness around the eyes.


However, whitening efficacy eye creams cannot work for pigmentation and congenital pigmentation around the eyes.


How to choose and use an eye cream?

Eye creams can be basically divided into two categories: moisturizing and efficacious.


Moisturizing eye creams are the most basic, safe and mild, and can be used as a basic care for young skin with good conditions around the eyes; efficacious eye creams are more classified, and there are three common categories: improving puffiness, lightening dark circles and improving wrinkles.


As for whether face creams can replace eye creams, if you only use them for moisturizing, there is no problem using a mild cream product to moisturize the skin around your eyes.


If you want to improve the problem around the eyes, because the eye skin is sensitive and fragile, the efficacy of the ingredients in the cream is likely to stimulate it, so it can not be replaced.


For the claim of using eye cream to grow fatty grains, the lack of cleanliness around the eyes and the presence of inflammation in the skin around the eyes are the main factors that lead to the generation of fatty grains after using eye cream.


It is the unhealthy state of the eye area that is the root problem that leads to the production of fatty grains, and in this case it is more important to do gentle hydration and moisturizing work around the eyes.


You don’t need a special technique to apply eye cream, but it is important to let the cream be fully absorbed by the skin around the eyes.


Use your ring finger to gently dab the eye cream around the eyes and massage in clockwise circles until it is absorbed. You need to use eye cream products for your eye area during morning and evening skincare.


Eye creams can play a protective role for our delicate eye skin. But eye creams work for a long time and improving the eye area is not something that happens overnight, it needs to be used consistently for a long time. I hope that after reading today’s article, you have a more complete concept of eye creams, and more rational choice of products!

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