Don’t understand skin care don’t blind water! Winter skin care do this: skin is getting better and better, too practical

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I’ve always felt that there’s been a lot of writing about skin care, and from my point of view it really covers everything you can think of. But there are still a lot of people who keep asking questions. The question that was asked most recently: winter is good dry ah, have easy to use hydrating facial mask can recommend?


Today we will talk about how to solve the problem of dry skin in winter. Before we begin, first of all, let us have a conclusion: the mask can not hydrate, the skin is not water shortage. So, winter skin is dry, light depends on apply facial mask is no good, cannot solve a problem. Why is that? Let’s talk about it from the following aspects


1.Skin structure


For most people, the structure of the skin may feel too esoteric. But if you want to get a feel for what skincare is all about you really need to start by understanding skin structure. Here’s a brief introduction:


In terms of skin structure, the most relevant layer for skin care is the epidermis. Epidermis is mainly composed of cuticle – granular layer – spinous layer and epidermal basal layer. Stratum corneum is the outermost layer of the skin, and there is a layer of sebum membrane formed by emulsification such as sweat and sebum outside the stratum corneum. Sebum membrane is also known as the natural moisturizer for the skin surface. At the same time, the sebum membrane and the stratum corneum together form the skin barrier, which acts to block the effects of external irritants on the skin and prevent the loss of moisture and nutrients inside the skin.


Because of the barrier system of the skin, the most important function of the skin is the barrier rather than absorption. For skin care products, the most basic function is to cover the skin outside the corneous layer to moisturize, and some of the active ingredients through self-penetration or penetration into the skin with the aid of osmotic agents.


2. the skin itself is not water shortage


Let’s talk about skin moisture: As we said before, skin is a part of the body organs, so skin moisture mainly comes from daily diet and body metabolism. Skin cuticle water content is about 10%-20%, cuticle water content is less than 10% when the skin will appear obvious dry desquaking phenomenon. Water in the stratum corneum is transferred upward from the dermis. The dermis contains about 70% of human body water.


Accordingly, the skin itself does not lack water below the condition of normal metabolism in the body. Sebum membranes, on the other hand, are themselves lipophilic. So it’s very difficult for water and water-soluble components from outside to penetrate at all. Many people wonder: if skin isn’t dehydrated, why is it dry? The root cause of dry skin is that the skin itself is not moisturizing enough.


Causes of skin moisture deficiency can be summarized into two aspects:


1, genetic causes of less oil from the skin.


As mentioned earlier, sebum is the natural moisturizing layer on the skin surface. And very important in sebum membrane composition is sebum (oil produced by the skin). Therefore, if the skin itself produces less oil, there will be insufficient skin moisture and dry problems.


2, the barrier damage caused by insufficient moisture.


In addition to the dry problem of not producing enough oil, there is also the problem of not moisturizing enough due to a damaged skin barrier. The bottom line: Skin is fine for producing oil on its own, but it can be under-hydrating due to damage to the barrier or loss of the interstitium between skin cells due to incorrect skin care.


Therefore, in conclusion, the root cause of dry skin is not lack of water at all, but the skin’s ability to retain moisture due to various reasons. So-called replenishment also is cosmetic marketing gimmick however, and a lot of people use the product such as facial mask to feel replenishment effect is very good because the short time skin corneous layer hydration that takes care of for a long time however is excessive. Can let the skin be moisten instantly really so, but ignore protect wet, the skin not only can return to dry state very quickly, at the same time excessive dependence on facial mask to replenish water still may cause barrier damage to cause the problem such as skin sensitive.


skin care


How to solve dry skin problem without facial mask?


As we’ve said before, dry skin is basically not moisturizing enough. Therefore, when the skin itself is not moisturizing enough, we need to use skin care products to help moisturize. This can also be seen from the ingredients of skin care products. Whether it’s a toner, an essence, a lotion or a face cream, in addition to water (which is present as a solvent on the ingredient list of most products), the most abundant ingredients are moisturizers.


Common moisturizing ingredients fall into three categories:


Glycerol, vitamin B5, propylene glycol and other absorbent alcohols. These ingredients are mild and penetrate easily into the stratum corneum, where they help to hold onto the skin’s internal moisture and prevent moisture loss, thus achieving a moisturizing effect.


Skin cell filler; Such as ceramides, cholesterol, free fatty acids and other components. Its function is to help replace the missing intercellular tissue and prevent water loss.


Sealing moisturizing ingredient. Common such as vegetable oil, mineral oil, mineral fat, wax fat and so on. This kind of composition sealing effect is strong, skin feeling is heavy, greasy. But it’s also one of the best moisturizers.


Therefore, the best way to solve the problem of dry autumn and winter is to choose a good moisturizer. Often friends ask: have a fresh texture, moisturizing effect of good cream recommended?


In fact, the previous component analysis is not difficult to see, refreshing and moisturizing strong itself is contradictory. Refreshing is the skin feeling, and the key to making everyone feel refreshing is the skin surface moisture evaporation away heat and bring the skin feeling. And a good moisturizing product is to reduce the loss of water on the surface of the skin, the inevitable need for a certain closure.


Of course, the more closed, the better. After all, good skin feeling to adhere to the use. When choosing a product, you need to learn to balance. After all is skin feeling more important or skin appeal more important.


It’s true that there are some big-name products that strike a good balance between skin feel and effect. Lamer Classic and Helena’s Black Bandage are all heavy skin creams, but the brand is well formulated, so the skin doesn’t feel bad (and more importantly, the brand is well marketed).


Besides face cream, you can also consider face oil. Most face oils use vegetable oil as the base, compared with mineral oil, vegetable oil has better skin affinity, strong penetration ability and more comfortable skin feeling.


To sum up: The physiological structure of the skin determines that the main function of the skin is barrier protection, and the skin itself does not lack water. Therefore, it is not feasible to improve moisture retention by hydrating. The most effective way is to enhance moisturizing, which can be used with a better moisturizing cream or with a good skin-friendly oil.

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