Girls must know the “common sense” skin care! Water and milk within 3 months to use up, mask to lie down to apply

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How much do you know about skin care? In fact, there are some skin care common sense is we must know, only after these skin care common sense mastery, in order to let our skin care products to play the maximum effect. Otherwise, the products are good and techniques and skills are not right, or can not reach the ideal state!


Water and milk within three months to use up


The reason why we say that the water cream within three months to use up, because the water cream after opening the seal, more or less will be subject to some external gas into, this time the water cream can maintain the fresh period, probably in about three months, within his fresh period to use up, its function and effect will not evaporate. This cycle is also very good for our skin if you use it up.


Secondly, it is still a standard to use up within three months. Basically, a set of water and milk will be in about three months to the bottom, if you use a particularly slow, it only means that you use a relatively small amount, the amount of small, in fact, there is no effect. There is also the use of time is too short, the use of time is too short, will also cause the phenomenon of waste, the skin needs the nutrients and moisture on so much more, with not only will not absorb, but will form a waste of skin.


water cream


Mask lying down


Why ask the mask lying down? Because lying mask, moisture and essence more evenly on the face, we usually dress mask most of the posture is to do up, because the mask and a certain amount of serum, these serums are weight, will be slowly with the weight down to the chin. The top serum is less, and the bottom serum is more uneven. The serum is not uniform, our skin absorbed naturally is not flat, so to speak. Laying flat to apply the mask is very conducive to the mask nutrients evenly absorbed by the skin.


Mask in addition to the posture, there are some babies think that the essence of the mask is more precious, do not use up, the next day will be when he essence wiped on the face, in fact, this is the operation of the rotten face, the shelf life of the mask is particularly short. So don’t save that little bit of serum anymore, there is a give and take!


Do not exfoliate too often


The clean class mask also exfoliates, is our most recent two years more popular means of cleaning the skin, but for exfoliation, we use the number of times not too often, in a cycle with one to two. Too frequent exfoliation will make our stratum corneum weak, there may be some little sisters will feel after exfoliation, the face of the skin becomes much more tender, after exfoliation indeed the skin will look tender and smooth, this is because the keratin to our stratum corneum destroyed. Not simply with exfoliation, the face becomes whiter and more delicate.


For the cleansing type of mask, after using the face may feel dry, this time do not rush to skin care, but use a hydrating mask. The reason is that the cleaning type of mask, more or less will take away the moisture of our face, this time with a little hydrating mask. You can make our skin more delicate and moist.


Retinol to avoid light


Now there are a lot of eye creams, or creams will contain some retinol ingredients, retinol is indeed required to avoid light, if not light, it will make our skin tanned, but this light source refers to the sun’s rays and does not refer to what we call daily lights such. There are many rumors that retinol must avoid light, but it does not say what light to avoid, which will make people very confused, in fact, we just know that retinol eye cream, try to use at night, not during the day, to avoid sunlight on the line.


When it comes to eye creams many little sisters think that after using some eye creams, fatty grains around the eyes, in fact, fatty grains may be because your eye cream is too oily. The texture is thick, greasy and moist is not a concept, if your eyes around the fatty grains often, it is recommended that you use a more refreshing eye cream.


For skin care, we need to master not only the quality and effectiveness of skin care products, but also to understand the use of skin care products, there are some skin care products do need to have some specific techniques to be able to play its maximum effect, and there are some common sense skin care is understood, not. The rightful thing to do is to do what we think. In the skin care and how many should be, but the effect is very poor example.

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