Global top ten list of noble women mask

wu meijie Date:2021-09-29 15:10:01
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Farman Cellular Activation Mask (Bliss Mask)


This mask is known as the “happiness mask”, can balance the skin oil layer, maintain the skin’s natural protective capacity. After using a noticeable change, the skin becomes shiny, moisturized and non-greasy, a few hours later, the skin is still fresh, can help the follow-up makeup more durable


Sénsee Caviar 480 Resting Mask


The brand used to do high-end personalized skincare, the product is not to say, the skin change is clearly visible.


The actual caviar 480 mask is not only caviar, but also EPS Seafill, Lumiskin and other ingredients, all of which are proven to be effective in reducing fine lines, promoting collagen growth and inhibiting melanin production, and the product 0 preservatives, no stimulation, sensitive skin and pregnant women can use. The actual skin is also safe and revitalized.




The Leprechaun’s Caviar Extract Joan of Arc Sleeping Mask


This mask is really expensive, because it uses precious caviar extract, can enhance the skin’s firmness, and in-depth to the skin to provide sufficient moisture nourishment, promote skin metabolism, water-oil balance, and finally a comprehensive improvement in skin quality, enhance the overall smoothness of the skin.


LA MER Essence Mask


The new technology used in this mask is made to repair the skin and take care of the skin in a comprehensive way, eventually creating a fine and moist skin condition and improving the skin’s various problems.


Givenchy ink algae precious black gold lace mask


The Givenchy family’s reputation in the market for this mask is quite a good single product, handmade lace through a noble and luxury, the fit of the mask is very humane, the precious ingredients inside is comparable to diamonds, a variety of high-tech production means to make the effectiveness of this mask sublimation, hydration and moisturizing at the same time brighten the skin tone, to help the skin self-care, known as the noblewoman mask.

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