Good Thai facial cleanser, so you can go out every day to double the “face”

nikisho Date:2021-07-29 14:26:56
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Nowadays, the air quality in the city is getting worse and worse, radiation, PM2.5, haze and so on are harming the skin, if the dirt in the skin can’t get clean, it will accumulate in the pores and make the skin lose its original glow.


The first step to protect your skin is to cleanse the surface of your skin and the pollution residue that penetrates into your pores, so that your skin can be clean and bright.


Of course, in addition to air and other pollution, the residue of makeup on a regular basis is also seriously affecting your skin.


The actual fact is that you can find a variety of whiteheads and blackheads on your own face, so you’ve got to do a big cleanup for your skin.


This is a face wash rich in amino acids, and after using it, it properly refreshed my knowledge of amino acid face wash.


Here follow me to see how the effect of this Thai Vlanse’s amino acid face wash that I have personally reviewed?


Thai facial cleanser




This face wash is alcohol-free, adding active ingredients dipotassium glycyrrhizate, mild and non-irritating, not dry and non-tight after washing, I am mixed dry skin, wash is beautiful!


The key is the amino acid composition, can help you effectively fight free radicals, slow down the aging, whether it is 18-year-old skin, or 25-year-old skin, are available to use yo.




The face wash is foam texture, bubble super much needless to say, very refreshing, the face buried in the elastic and dense foam pile, as if it was wrapped in cream, plus such small molecules of foam is completely permeable through our stratum corneum, to achieve deep cleaning. And the cleanser itself tastes lightly fragrant and advanced.


Cleaning strength


The cleanser of course has to have a very good cleaning strength to work. The main reason why this cleanser has refreshed my knowledge of amino acid cleansers is that its cleaning strength is really superb, so you don’t have to worry about not getting it clean.


I used lipstick and eyeliner on my hands to do an experiment, and then used this cleanser to gently rub on the hands a few times, very quickly and easily to remove the makeup clean, and then look at the skin a little residue is not, worry about the cleaning strength is not enough of the cutie, you can try this one.

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