How does oily skin control oil? Skin care tips tell you how to skin care correctly

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Skin care is a necessary course that every girl should do every day to keep her skin young. But many times, due to the wrong way of skin care, there are often various skin problems. When skin problems occur, we need to know why. Only in this way can we better solve skin problems! Skin care tips: how to control oil correctly?


Water replenishment can control oil


1,Oil is not controlled or sucked. Only “water replenishment” can reduce oil


2,Oily skin is prone to external oil and internal dryness


3,When the skin is short of water, the skin will secrete a lot of oil to achieve balance.


4,Water replenishment is the truth of oil control


Long term oil, the skin will grow acne, long spots, so replenishment is the king


how to skin care correctly


Skin care method: why does the skin itch?


Pay attention if there is itching on the face


1,Water shortage for 20 days: the cuticle is short of water, the product is not cleaned, and there is a sense of tension in 5 minutes


2,Water shortage for 20-30 days: the water shortage reaches the granular layer, and the product is not cleaned. There is a sense of tension in 5 minutes. Patting the water emulsion will feel tingling


3,There are spines due to lack of water: after cleaning the face without wiping the product, there is a sense of tension in 5 minutes, there is a tingling and itching feeling when patting the water emulsion, there are false wrinkles, and the face turns red. When these situations occur, the skin is reminding you that it is thirsty and it is time to replenish water.


Skin care common sense: why do blackheads appear again and again after a period of time?


1,Causes of blackhead formation: sebaceous glands secrete oil, and the oil is oxidized by air


2,Bathe the pores regularly: what we need to do is bathe the pores regularly, and then regularly clean the environment in the hair follicle wall to make the skin clean, transparent and comfortable, so as to inhibit oil secretion and reduce the formation of blackheads.


Skin care skills: no cream to replace eye cream.


The skin around the eyes is different from other skin. It is the thinnest stratum corneum and the smallest distribution of sebaceous glands in the facial skin. It can not bear too much nutrition. Therefore, the most fundamental purpose of eye cream is to quickly absorb proper nourishment and not to add unnecessary burden to the eyes because of laziness instead of eye cream.


Skin care class: when you go out without sunscreen, the sun will cause wrinkles on the skin surface, dry skin, loss of elasticity, and deepening facial spots. Therefore, you must apply sunscreen when you go out. In addition to the daily maintenance of the skin, we should also give the best protection to the skin. Otherwise, even if you use the best skin care products, your skin will not become better, but will become worse!

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