How should boys protect their skin? This article systematically tells you

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How should boys protect their skin? This article systematically tells you. If you have an urgent need in this area, or a girl is going to buy some good skin care products for her boyfriend, you can take a closer look( There will be a single product at the end of the article (planting grass). So don’t talk more nonsense. Let’s start right away~~


Maybe some people don’t know their “skin” very well. Let’s say it again this time. In fact, our skin can be divided into five types: neutral, dry, oily, oily and sensitive.


1,Neutral skin: if you have almost no skin problems all year round, your complexion is ruddy and shiny, and your pores are small. So congratulations, you are the most enviable neutral skin of all.


Key points of skin care: daily moisturizing and anti-aging


2,Dry skin: if you often feel that your face is tight, and it is very easy to dry, lose skin, redness, long spots, etc., you are a typical dry skin.


Key points of skin care: whitening, moisturizing and anti-aging


3,Oily skin: the characteristics of oily skin are obvious. Even if you just wash your face, you can shine all over your face, especially in T area. And often president of closed mouth acne and acne, blackhead and so on.


Key points of skin care: replenishing water, controlling oil, cleaning and anti-inflammatory


4,Oily skin: many people are easy to mix oily and oily skin. In fact, oily skin only has more oil in the T area, but the position of cheeks is easy to dry. Therefore, only T-zone is more prone to acne and blackhead.


Key points of skin care: replenishing water and distinguishing skin care


5,Sensitive muscle: this may be the most reluctant skin for everyone. It is very prone to redness, swelling, itching, pain, dryness and peeling. It is probably the “pea girl” among the five skin types.


Skin care focus: anti allergy repair


The above are the five common skin types, just like the right medicine. Different skin care products need to be used for different skin types to achieve daily basic maintenance.


So, let me tell you about the basic skin care process and corresponding skin care products. First of all, I want to tell you that boys’ skin care is really necessary!! Even if you have the healthiest neutral skin.


Before the formal explanation of skin care products, there is a misunderstanding that many boys are not aware of and often see. Let us know first, that is: XX for men. This word is just a marketing gimmick of some brands from the beginning. When we choose skin care products, we should look at its efficacy and composition list rather than its name.


As the first step of skin care, it is very important to choose the right facial cleanser. At present, most of the common facial cleansers on the market are divided into three types: amino acid facial cleanser, soap based facial cleanser and amino acid compound soap based facial cleanser.


Neutral skin


Amino acid facial cleanser: moderate degreasing ability, focusing on being very mild and non irritating, suitable for long-term use( Suitable for: all skin types)


Soap based facial cleanser: like soap, it has strong degreasing ability, but it is more irritating. It is easy to tighten after use. It is not suitable for long-term use( Suitable for skin type: large oily skin)


Compound facial cleanser: now generally, the compound facial cleanser is amino acid compound soap base, that is, amino acid is the main and soap base is the auxiliary, so the degreasing effect and stimulation degree are the combination of the first two( Suitable for skin type: large oily skin, mixed oily skin (partial oily skin, neutral skin)


In addition, many brands now sell soap based facial cleanser and compound facial cleanser under the name of amino acid facial cleanser, so we should confirm whether it is a real amino acid facial cleanser when we buy it.


And even if you are a big oily skin, try to mix amino acid and soap base: soap base twice to three times a week, amino acid is good at other times. Toner is used to replenish water, but it should be used for instant replenishment, including the application of instant mask to achieve instant replenishment. Moreover, when we take a bath or seriously wash our face, we have already hydrated the stratum corneum. So just to replenish water, some people can actually omit this step.


But now many toners will add some other ingredients to achieve different effects【 For example, some will add potassium Glycyrrhizinate, which has a certain anti-inflammatory effect; Some will add salicylic acid to exfoliate and prevent mouth closure]. So if you want to be refined, you can also choose some toners with these additional functions.


Essence is actually a strong version of water emulsion. If toner and or are the common drugs you eat when you are sick, the essence is even a special medicine. Select the essence is also a targeted choice. And because it is a special drug, those with obvious effects are generally very expensive, while those with affordable effects are generally mediocre.


Therefore, this part is also available but not needed. If you need to pursue some whitening, moisturizing, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and acne removing effects, you can choose it. If you are a person who doesn’t think water is needed, then the essence can be ignored.


As we all know, moisture will evaporate, including our temporary replenish of water in the “toner” step, so the lotion / cream is the function of locking moisture, that is, moisturizing. I believe you used Johnson Baby Moisturizing Cream when you were young. That’s the earliest moisturizing cream you’ve ever touched. But be aware that lotion and cream are 2 of 1. In general, the texture of the cream is more heavy, and the texture of the emulsion is more clear, so the skin quality is different.


When it is dry, use a moisturizing cream with a better moisturizing effect. Partial oil will use a more clear texture of the emulsion. Two kinds of oil can be mixed.


Taking this opportunity, I want to tell you: sunscreen is very important! Ultraviolet rays in the sun do great harm to our skin, mainly UVA and UVB. One can cause skin cancer, and the other can redden and sunburn the skin. Of course, the most common are blackening and accelerated aging.


The higher the SPF value of sunscreen (the more symbols “+” behind it), the better the protection effect. You can choose it according to the situation in daily use. For example, if the sun is fierce when swimming on the beach, you can choose SPF30 ~ 50 sunscreen. When buying sunscreen, pay attention to whether its introduction is sweat proof and waterproof, otherwise you run to swim and disappear all at once. On cloudy days when the sun is not very big and indoors, you can choose SPF30 sunscreen.

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