How should winter protect skin? 4 different types of skin care points are different

nikisho Date:2021-08-16 17:12:01
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The first kind of dry skin


People with dry skin need all kinds of moisture and moisture in winter. Originally, moisture is relatively lacking. Under dry environment in winter, moisture and water are needed more. In daily cleaning, people with dry skin should try to choose moisturizing and hydrating effect of facial cleanser, for the choice of maintenance products are inclined to moisturizing and moisturizing type of emulsion and moisturizing effect of cream. No matter what type of skin, lotion, cream, mask these are indispensable in the winter skin care. For people with dry skin, it is easy to appear skin surface peeling and bursting in the dry environment in winter, so in addition to the usual moisturizing and moisturizing, it is also necessary to occasionally apply some moisturizing mask.


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The second is neutral skin


For people with neutral skin, maintaining a balance between water and oil is the key to skin care. In winter, people with neutral skin care is relatively simple. Because the weather is cold, moisture is lost won’t too much, because this is used on skin nursing protect wet type maintain taste ok. Moisturizing lotion or face cream is more appropriate, if the skin is found to be dry, it can be applied on the sleep mask before going to bed, the next day will have a more obvious effect.


The third is sensitive skin


Sensitive skin care is more troublesome, although out of the autumn sensitive situation, but in the winter windy, cold, dry environment, still need to do a good job of maintenance measures. If you use a strong irritant product, you will find skin redness and swelling. Therefore, in the choice of cleaning and maintenance of the choice of moderate facial cleanser, the choice of emulsion and cream should also be more focused on the mild type, when the emergence of sudden allergic phenomenon, the use of calm skin hydrating mask can be.


The fourth type is mixed skin


For people with mixed skin, in the winter with obvious temperature difference, U area will be found to be very dry, t area by comparing oil, because of water shortage and make oil content more. So mix the person of skin, maintain on protecting skin in winter, use mix way. Moisturize and moisturize in the U area, and moisturize and control oil in the T area, so that the skin will present the best condition.


Everyone has the heart of beauty, cold and dry environment in winter, skin will be particularly water shortage, severe cases will feel tight, so hydration is very key. Holiday is coming, tidy up good clothes, maintain good skin, will be the best of their own performance.

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