How to distinguish and prevent true and false wrinkles? Anti wrinkle skin care skills

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With the growth of age, there will be some wrinkles on many faces. You can relax your face when the skin is wet after washing your face, and then do some other expressions to observe the difference between the two. If there are wrinkles without expression, it is true wrinkles. On the contrary, wrinkles only appear when you make expression. Such wrinkles are false wrinkles. Therefore, how to prevent true and false wrinkles? Nikisho shares skin care skills to fight wrinkles. Let’s have a look.


How to distinguish and prevent true and false wrinkles, and identify false wrinkles and skin care skills:


Age group of pseudowrinkles: 25-35 years old


Skin features: there are thin and short stripes around the eyes and corners of the mouth


Causes: photoaging, expression habits, skin water shortage, work pressure, irregular life, lack of sleep, excessive weight loss, etc. among them, photoaging is the biggest killer of false wrinkles. The ultraviolet light will destroy the collagen and elastic fibers in the skin and accelerate the aging of the skin.


Nursing skills to prevent false wrinkles:


1,Use topical care products


Thin skin and easily dry corners of the eyes are prone to small wrinkles. Before the formation of deep wrinkles, use special skin care products to prevent them. These products have high moisturizing ability, can moisturize the stratum corneum, and effectively prevent wrinkles and dry skin.


2,Improve skin gloss


The lack of luster of the skin is an aging sign of wrinkles. To prevent skin from aging, you have to improve skin luster. Choose a beauty product that brightens skin color and resists aging, and fundamentally replenish the nutrition needed to fight against aging. It is understood that fullerene is the most effective ingredient to solve the skin free radical at present. Its antioxidant capacity is 172 times that of VC. It can improve skin problems such as dryness, dull, rough, wrinkle and so on, and it is powerful to your imagination.


Anti wrinkle skin care skills


3,Massage promotes circulation


Because of the “internal factors” caused by poor blood circulation and the “external factors” caused by the old stratum corneum, the skin loses luster and wrinkles. What you have to do is to use skin care products that can enhance skin metabolism and massage to promote absorption, so as to make the dull skin look natural and clear.


How to distinguish and prevent true and false wrinkles, and identify true wrinkles and skin care skills:


Age group of true wrinkles: over 35 years old


Skin features: forehead lines, legal lines and crow’s feet continue to appear. With the relaxation of the skin, wrinkles gradually deepen.


Causes: when women reach the age of 35, their metabolism begins to slow down, the functions of sebaceous glands and sweat glands slowly decline, and the inner fibers supporting the skin surface are gradually consumed, resulting in the continuous reduction of the tension inside and outside the skin, and local areas begin to sink, so wrinkles are produced and become more and more obvious.


Nursing skills to prevent true wrinkles:


1,Massage skin


First heat the essential oil for massage in the palm, and then rub your hands together to evenly cover the whole hand; Then, the index finger and middle finger are V-shaped to clamp the ears. At this time, hold the cheeks with both hands and press upward to feel the face lift up. Massage repeatedly for so many times; Finally, note that the corners of your mouth should be raised consciously. At this time, the most important thing is to feel that the innermost teeth also have the feeling of lifting.


2,Take effective anti ultraviolet measures


Ultraviolet light is the most ruthless damage to the skin, so sunscreen measures should be taken to avoid factors that can aging the skin. Keep your eyes sunscreen. Especially in strong sunlight, wear sunglasses or sun visors.


3,Keep your skin clean at all times


The first step to keep your skin healthy is to clean your skin and thoroughly clean dirt and cosmetics. After cleaning the skin, apply moisturizer every time, and insist on comprehensive facial care once a week.


How to distinguish and prevent true and false wrinkles


The above is the difference between true wrinkles and false wrinkles and skin care prevention skills. Do you understand? The causes of wrinkling are very complex, sometimes not only caused by some factors, but also caused by complex factors.

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