How to protect skin for dry male skin? How to protect skin for dry male skin

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Many people think that skin care is a woman’s patent. In fact, it is not. Men’s skin still needs to be maintained. Men live a rougher life than women and don’t pay much attention to skin care. Today, let’s talk about how to protect men’s dry skin.




No matter what kind of skin, cleaning should come first. When washing your face, the water temperature must not be too high, otherwise it will make the cleaned skin appear more dry. When it comes to cleansing, it’s not as simple as washing your face several times. Too much face washing will make the original water loss of the skin. Pay attention to the frequency. Twice a day is enough.


It is also important to choose a mild and non irritating moisturizing facial cleanser. Lock the moisture from the first step of cleansing in order to achieve twice the result with half the effort. For men with mixed skin, it is best to choose two kinds of facial cleansers with different effects when cleaning the face. According to the characteristics of oily T-zone of mixed skin, special facial cleanser for T-zone with mineral composition can be selected. The mineral components contained in facial cleanser can quickly remove oil secretion and effectively inhibit the production of blackhead.


 skin care


Post shaving care


Men’s beards grow fast. Some people have very thick beards and need to shave and shave regularly. Shaving should be in the morning, because the face and skin are relaxed at this time. Choose shaving cream, soap and mild shaving water with good quality and low irritation. Clean the face first, and then start shaving after the pores relax and open and the beard softens. After that, apply some moisturizing liquid and cream to soothe the skin and reduce tingling.


Skin care


The products selected for different skin types should also be different. There are many oily and mixed skin secretions, which can be adjusted by water quality skin care products to achieve the dual effects of water replenishment and oil control. Dry skin is easy to wrinkle and develop erythema. It is advisable to use moisturizing lotion like moisturizing skin care products.


The adaptability of neutral skin is strong. Choose the general moisturizing lotion. You can also use acidic make-up water. Acidic make-up water, that is, shrinkage water, can inhibit the secretion of sebum and sweat glands, maintain the acidity of normal skin, and make the acidic protective film sound and free from bacterial invasion. Proper use of skin cream, lotion and nutritional cream to replenish the nourishing and nourishing skin needed for skin.


Men’s skin care is mainly to achieve three points: cleansing, shaving and skin care. If we adhere to these three points, men’s skin will become better and better. Healthy skin makes men more temperament.

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