How to take care of the eyes How to slow down the aging of the eye skin

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The first thing we notice when communicating with people in our daily life is the eyes, and they are the windows to the soul, while the state of the eye skin is also the most likely to reveal the age. The eye skin how to care for it? Here’s how to find out!


Makeup removal and cleaning, the action should be gentle


If you want to take care of the skin around your eyes, the first thing you must do is remove makeup and clean it, especially if you have makeup on, you must do a good job of removing makeup from your eyes. In addition, because the skin around the eyes is relatively thin and fragile, so when removing makeup and cleansing, pay attention to gentle movements, do not force wipe, to avoid pulling the eye skin. When removing makeup, it is best to moisten a cotton pad with eye makeup remover and then gently apply it to your eyes and wait a few seconds before gently wiping.


eye skin


Use eye skin care products, according to the actual situation to choose products


We all know that there are many kinds of eye skin care products on the market, such as eye cream, eye essence, eye gel and eye mask. And, these are also different. Generally speaking, eye creams are better to use, moisturizing effect, and suitable for people with dry lines and fine lines under the eyes. Eye gel is mainly for such problems as dark circles and eye bags, similar to eye creams, but the texture of eye gel is more refreshing and will not be a burden to use during the day.


In addition, eye essence can hydrate the skin, relieve eye fatigue, prevent dark circles and eye bags, that is, the role of eye essence is more in the prevention. Eye masks, on the other hand, concentrate on nourishing the skin and are often considered as first-aid skin care products.


Eye massage to promote blood circulation around the eyes


In addition to using eye care products, the usual gentle massage of the eyes can effectively eliminate fatigue and promote blood circulation around the eyes. Especially for a long time to the computer, cell phones and other electronic products office people, or when the eyes are too much, with the school learned eye exercises, to eye massage, is a very good choice. In addition, in the office, you can use your fingers to gently tap the skin under the eyes every hour or two to help promote blood circulation and prevent melanin deposition.


The eye area is the most prone to fine lines, pigmentation and other symptoms of aging, so eye care before it’s too late, do not think they are still young, let down your guard ah!

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