How to take care of your skin at all ages? Skincare needs of different ages

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With the growth of age, everyone’s skin will also experience many changes, different age groups, the state of the skin is completely different, but also can not be treated with the same skin care methods, so how to skincare for all ages? What are the skin care needs of different ages? The actual fact is that you will be able to find out more about this.


16-20 years old: the best age for skin condition


This is just as beautiful as the age of the fairy, face collagen and elastin fibers are in peak condition, skin condition is very good, do not need to carry out more complicated beauty maintenance, but this age due to female hormonal problems, but also easy to appear oily, large pores and acne conditions, so in the diet or to control some attention to supplement vitamins, try to eat light diet and eat more vegetables and fruits, do a good job of sunscreen and clean anti-acne can.


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20 years old: from the basic skin care gradually start


The 20 years of age the skin state is still very good, but the face of the collagen or slowly began to lose, this time according to their own skin type to choose a suitable skin care products, you can choose the luxury pulse custom skin care way, so as to play a very good effect.


30 years old: prevent and pay attention to skin aging, use efficacious skin care products


At the age of 30, spotting is likely to be a problem that many women encounter. Especially if you don’t pay attention to sunscreen isolation when you’re young, you may gradually get spots on your face before the age of 30, and your skin’s sense of prevention and barrier function will gradually decline at the age of 30, so it’s easy to be corroded by oxygen free radicals, so anti-free radicals, antioxidants and anti-aging are key at this age. skin care products.


40 years old: skin tightening customized skin care is the key


As we grow older, the skin after 40 years old gradually loses collagen and elastin fibers, and also gradually accelerates aging. The skin is prone to wrinkles and is gradually loosening up, and normal skin care products have long failed to meet the skin’s requirements. It is important to have a scientifically tailored skincare program and to pick a skin care product that lifts and tightens.


The skin care products should be adapted to the time of the year, and should also change in accordance with the time of the year, in addition to be able to pick the right skin care products according to their own skin state and age stage, but also pay attention to keep the skin healthy and pay more attention to rest.

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