If you don’t apply sunscreen right, it’s white! Three years old in a summer! Sum up the sunscreen knowledge for you

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Tanning and whitening have always been hot topics, and there is no escape from sunscreen. Now, it’s summer, and sunscreen is the top priority. Let’s introduce those things about sunscreen today.


After the skin is tanned, how long does it take to turn white?


If the human skin receives ultraviolet rays excessively, the skin will become very rough and black, and even cause cell mutation to induce skin cancer.


Our human body is not without defense measures. It will start the self-protection mechanism. The melanocytes in the body will secrete melanin and then transport it to keratinocytes to cover the traditional Chinese medicine components of the cells from ultraviolet damage.




“But if you sun hard, it is inevitable that your skin will turn black. At this time, if you want to turn white, it will take some time. You need to wait until these melanin containing epidermal cells fall off and form new epidermal cells, and the skin will turn white.


Generally speaking, the metabolic cycle of skin epidermal cells is about 4 weeks, so after excluding the possibility of some other factors, it takes at least 1 month to turn white. ”


Based on this principle, we can also find that the key to whitening is to make melanin, and it takes time for melanin epidermal cells to fall off. Therefore, even if whitening products are used, it is unlikely to turn white in a few days.


If you turn white in a short time, it is likely to contain lead ore or hormones. Although it looks white on the surface, it will also damage the skin and cause more skin problems, so we should be careful.


If you don’t want to be tanned, it’s key to do a good job of sunscreen in advance. This must be remembered!


If you don’t want to be tanned, you should guard the three whitening lines


Strictly speaking, sunscreen is the most basic step in skin care. If sunscreen is not done well, the skin will be no better. Our sunscreen mainly prevents ultraviolet rays in the sun, and UVA and UVB have the greatest impact.


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