If You’re Losing Hair in This Specific Spot, It Might Be a Thyroid Issue

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Of course, not everyone is blessed with full, fluffy eyebrows, and that’s OK. However, unusual eyebrow hair loss is a reason for concern, and talking to a dermatologist, trichologist or hair expert can help you get to the root cause. And when it comes to diagnosing eyebrow hair loss, the cause could be one of many, including an underactive or overactive thyroid.


While you wait for your doctor’s appointment, check out what found out from the experts about thyroid-related hair loss and what you can do to boost your brows.


What Type of Thyroid Disease Causes Eyebrow Hair Loss?


Having healthy thyroid plays a more significant part in your overall health than you might think. Dr. Pouya Shafipour, a board-certified physician with Paloma Health, an online medical practice focused exclusively on treating hypothyroidism, told us, “Thyroid hormones are essential for the development and creation of hair follicles. When the body is functioning correctly, hair follicles can regenerate themselves, going through the phases of growth, regression, shedding, then growth again.”


Essentially there are two types of thyroid dysfunction, and they can both trigger hair loss:


Hyperthyroidism is when the gland works overtime. This type of thyroid disease can cause sleep issues, dramatic weight loss, increased anxiety, weakened muscles, irregular periods, sensitivity and hair growth problems — especially if the condition goes unnoticed for an extended period.


Hypothyroidism signals an underactive thyroid gland. When the thyroid function slows down, someone might experience severe fatigue, weight gain, pale skin, coarse or dry hair, very heavy periods, hair loss and in particular, thinning eyebrow hair.


hair loss


Getting an expert to examine your health properly is imperative because thyroid disorders aren’t the only thing that causes hair loss problems. For example, you could have an autoimmune disease (like alopecia areata) or specific nutritional deficiencies that have triggered telogen effluvium. To find out for sure, ask your health care practitioner for a full thyroid panel, which will reveal your overall thyroid health.


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What Are the Signs of Thinning Eyebrows Due to Thyroid Conditions?


An imbalance in the thyroid hormone can cause thinning eyebrows, which can look especially prominent toward the outer edges.”When the thyroid is either overproducing or underproducing hormones, your hair follicles may not be stimulated as much they need to be, resulting in hair loss—including body hair or eyebrows,” explained Shafipour. “One telltale sign of thyroid-related hair loss is losing eyebrow hair, starting on the outer third of your eyebrows, toward your ears.”


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Do Thyroid Medications Cause Hair Loss?


Unfortunately, eyebrow hair loss thyroid problems don’t just occur because of the medical condition. Your thinning hair could also be triggered by the thyroid medication. It also could be that your thyroid medication dosage needs adjusting, or maybe you’re simply reacting to the ingredients in the drugs. Always talk to your doctor before stopping or changing any medications.


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What You Can Do if Your Eyebrows Are Thinning


If a tricky thyroid function is affecting your beautiful brows, here are some natural alternatives you can try to help stop your eyebrow hairs from shedding and promote hair growth.


Try Topical Treatments


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